The wealth of humanity has got to be held somewhere.. And, so far, gov and the banks have taken advantage of this huge responsibility and abused it (and abused it) and abused it.

As fiat currencies and governments fail, cryptocurrency becomes the receptacle by which humanity’s wealth accumulates. Cryptocurrency is incorruptible, cannot be liened, levied or seized, and it is private. As humanity becomes able to collect its wealth in an intact manner, humanity’s worth rises.. As humanity’s worth rises, banks and gov are left behind, and go back to their function of automating certain functions of society

As governments and fiat currencies falter,

cryptocurrencies escalate in value

because they are stable.

~ the future is coming fast! ~

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Contact Me To Get Your Block Chain Wallet and 1 Percent Trading Account Funded

Jim Hamilton jhamilton [at] 310 878-2260

Contact Me To Get Your Block Chain Wallet and 1 Percent Trading Account Funded

Jim Hamilton
hamilton [at] 310 878-2260

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Blockchain-Backed Loans™ Hold your assets, get your cash.

Blockchain-Backed Loans™ Hold your assets, get your cash.

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We work with a long time friend and mentor and we can show you what we have learned. Cryptocurrency (of which there are about 1200 varieties now) is private. There is nothing to declare, it cannot be liened, levied or stolen other than through poor password protection. In fact, the gov/banks have nothing to do with what you own in the cryptocurrency world–and never will!

What Would $10,000.00 Be Worth If You.. 

Bought Gold, Stocks or Bitcoin 10 Years ago?

What was it worth several short months ago?


                                      July 2010                    August 2017

Gold                 $10,000.00 USD               $10,230.00 USD

S&P 500           $10,000.00 USD               $26,037.00 USD

Bitcoin            $10,000.00 USD                $525,000,000.00 USD

As gov and the traditional infrastructures self-destruct
(and outlast their usefullness)
cryptocurrencies become more stable!

I offer coaching and consulting for those
who wish to explore the far-reaching
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It offers far more depth than
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