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In remembrance of Dr. Brent R. Baker,
Cave Creek, Arizona, a good friend and “doer of good.”

There was a time when humans, plants and animals lived on the earth in relative simplicity. During the Crusades of the 12th century, landowners created trusts to protect their property from the confiscatory practice of kings while they were away or died in battle. These early trusts were the origins of artificial entities entrusted with certain functions and protected by law. As the concept expanded, artificial entities became legally defined as “persons.” “Persons” have: 1) the “right to exist” (by permission of the State), and the corollary 2) “duty” to report their activities, profits, etc.*

The rise of the machines began a long time ago.

Nowadays, artificial entities (various types of corporations acting as gov, church, business, non-profits, etc.) have proliferated to the point that they run almost everything on the planet. Worse, artificial entities have developed survival instincts (egos) and accumulated a great deal of power and influence, in part because they can “live” for hundreds of years—and otherwise because of the massive naiveté of human beings. Presently, we have a planet full of artificial entities (national and global) who have inadvertently and nefariously become the leaders on the planet.

And, of all things, humans look to artificial entities for leadership.

But artificial entities have no nervous system, no wisdom and because they have no feelings, they are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. They are incapable of understanding the polarities that are life’s lessons, incapable of compassion, or caring for or protecting the living like a mother. Instead, they operate with the single-minded goal of controlling the most valuable resource on the planet (humans) and leave environmental, economic and human wreckage where they have been.  Humans, not knowing any better, spend their lives in debt to corporations.

Better said, artificial entities live on the backs of the humans.

Artificial entities use humans as a resource for the maintenance of their own existence, and attempt to control humans by imposing taxes, fees, interest charges, etc., at every possible juncture. Artificial entities attempt to control humans by enforcing regulations actually designed to regulate “persons.”** Humans produce and artificial entities with “statutes in hand” attempt to manipulate the production of humans unaware that humans are actually at the top of the pecking order. As this mechanism expands, it serves humans less and less.

In fact, humans have inadvertently become slaves to artificial entities.

Curiously, only the humans create; only the humans invent, discover and manifest out of thin air. Only humans start with an insight or intuition and produce architecture, science, music, inventions, discoveries and processes, etc. Only the humans have thoughts and insights and produce from ideas. Only humans receive insight from an internal connection with the Cosmos.

Humans produce, artificial entities take.

Humans, as the top rung of life on this planet, are beholden to God for their existence. Artificial entities are beholden to the State for their existence. Accordingly, artificial entities are regulated by their maker (the State), and humans are regulated by their Maker (Innate Intelligence, Source, Universal Mind, the Divine, Truth, God, etc.), loosely organized as spirituality, religion, etc.

(Technically humans are governed by their feelings (enteric nervous system/gut feelings/insights from the Cosmos) which tell them the difference between right and wrong and guide them through any situation. Subtle feelings identify and help humanity zero in to its connection with Source–and guidance, but that is another story🙂

Human beings exist as the most sophisticated living mechanism on the planet that Innate Intelligence expresses through. Every animate or inanimate thing provides a means by which Innate Intelligence “expresses.” Everything is a subset of Innate Intelligence expressing.

Humans have a connection with the Cosmos; artificial entities do not.

Cryptocurrency is the solution to the humans taking back their power. Cryptocurrency is the means and mechanism by which humans return to their rightful place and artificial entities go back to their “function” of keeping the yellow stripes on the highway yellow (and the red lights red), deliver a fair court system, protect inventors, etc., (see the 18 enumerated powers), and deliver

the function of automation that serve the humans in their endeavors—and nothing more.

Humans receive insights and intuition, thoughts and conclusions that manifest as labor and services, inventions and discoveries and processes for which the end result is how humans are paid and save the result of their efforts. But, payment has always been denominated in a currency controlled by the banks, gov, etc., and this is where human loses any semblance of order and dominion over their affairs.

Fiat currency (state issued currency backed by nothing) is an instrument issued by artificial entities that humans use to denominate their worth, their savings and the product of their creativity—undermining them at the same time. The problem with fiat currency is that artificial entities control fiat currency, control the value of fiat currencies and accordingly, control the value of humans.

In other words, humans use a mechanism managed by artificial entities to manage their worth. Doing so undermines the capacity of humans to express themselves properly; to expand properly, etc.

The invention of cryptocurrency in sync with humanity’s continued unfoldment is yet another example of humanity expressing itself by “inventing solutions” —as we have always done throughout time.*** Most importantly, cryptocurrency is regulated by the humans alone through block chain encryption and published in the public domain (Internet) for all to see. Cryptocurrency allows humans to denominate their wealth in an incorruptible instrument that cannot be challenged or undermined by artificial entities.

Cryptocurrency bypasses the old antiquated corrupted infrastructure allowing  humanity to express and expand like never before.

Cryptocurrency is wholly owned by humanity and its value rises with the value of humanity’s continued output of inventions, discoveries, processes, etc., instead of rising and falling based on economic “policy adjustments,” manipulation, inflation, etc. Cryptocurrency’s value cannot be controlled by artificial entities, and payola and bribes, and “under the table” payments are not possible. Cryptocurrency cannot be levied, liened or stolen (other than by poor password management) and is the source of humans beginning to stand tall.

It is in the ownership of the end result of one’s labor, inventions and discoveries that the human being’s worth begins to skyrocket like we always knew it could.

Because cryptocurrency is private to the owner and user and “published” through a block chain encryption format, we forever break our connection with artificial entities and begin to become empowered on our own. As humans continue to invent, discover and produce processes that empower each other, artificial entities fall behind. Further, because cryptocurrencies are not within their domain, they cannot tax, charge fees or interest, or control transactions as has been traditionally done in the past.

This is already being acknowledged by courts of law.

The rule of the artificial entities is just about over. As the humans rise, first a few and then more, discovering the importance of owning the result of what they produce, humans become the new leaders, and the rest of humanity follows along. As the humans re-enable their connection with the Cosmos, denominate what is theirs in a form of payment that cannot be undermined by the artificial entities,

humanity’s influence becomes predominant.

With the help of computers, cryptocurrency and block chain encryption, humanity in partnership with Innate Intelligence begins an inevitable rise to its possibilities. Decision making and outcomes far exceed the unfeeling nature of artificial entities that can only dish out more of the same. As more and more humans accept their power, they step into responsible living governed by truth, divine order, love and acceptance

and the planet begins to spin more to our liking.

It begins with a few, an understanding of the importance of cryptocurrency and that subtle listening that gives humanity its insights, discoveries and processes. This then allows the few to become the new leaders protecting the rest of humanity as they discover their innate power at their own rate and speed.

Humanity truly funded by its own efforts, begins to flourish and expand and extend, like we always knew we could.

As we discover our role; as we discover the pecking order with Innate Intelligence at the top, with humans as a direct descendant of Innate Intelligence expressing through us, we learn how to denominate and manage what is ours. As we rightfully take back our power, the humans become in sync with the Larger Order that all of Nature already abides by.

As we accept our rightful role on this planet, peace begins to reign. Humanity steps forward like never before.


* this is the source of tax returns.
**artificial entities see human beings as little more than a number. Several of the most powerful travesties delivered to human beings by artificial entities include the massive mishandling of veterans, the saddling of young people with student loan debt for which the gov makes a profit, the continued criminalization of cannabis by “special interest groups” and the list goes on. Corporations/artificial entities have only their own misguided interests for which the humans pay and pay and pay.
***Are Inventions Inevitable?

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