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In remembrance of Dr. Brent R. Baker, Cave Creek Arizona, a good friend and “doer of good.”

There was a time when only humans and animals and plants lived on the earth. At some point, humans introduced artificial entities (the earliest version of bots or robots) who initially were charged with protecting landowners from kings (trusts) when they went to war during the Crusades, etc. Later, artificial entities were revised for the purpose of liability protection and profits.

The rise of the machines began a long time ago.

Nowadays, artificial entities (corporations, non-profits, churches, gov, etc.) have proliferated to the point that they run almost everything on the planet. Worse, artificial entities have developed survival instincts (egos) and accumulated a great deal of power and influence. Now we have a planet of humans who created artificial entities (“persons” with rights and duties) who have inadvertently and nefariously become the leaders on the planet!

And, of all things, most humans look to artificial entities for leadership.

Corporations, churches, banks and gov have inadvertently become the leaders on the planet and the humans naively look to these artificial entities for leadership. But because artificial entities do not have nervous systems (like living things), they are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong; they are incapable of understanding the polarities that are life’s lessons and simply move among humans gouging for profits (even the non-profits)…

and the humans pay the bill in sweat, debt, liens, taxes, compound interest, etc.

Better said, artificial entities live on the backs of the humans. Curiously though, only the humans create. Only the humans invent, discover and create out of thin air, so to speak. Only the humans produce something from nothing; case in point: architecture, science, music, etc. Only the humans have thoughts and insights and produce from what was nothingness.

The artificial entities live on the backs of human’s literally siphoning the life out of them.

Artificial entities use humans as a resource for the maintenance of their own existence by charging them a transaction fee at every juncture, attempting to enforce regulations actually designed to regulate “persons” who exist by permission of the state. Almost every recorded transaction contains a tax, fee or interest charge. Humans produce and artificial entities with “statutes in hand” collect a fee under the guise that it is best for the whole. As this mechanism expands, it serves the humans less and less.

In fact, the humans have become slaves to the artificial entities.

Humans are the top rung of life on this planet and are beholden to Innate Intelligence for their existence. Artificial entities (residents/persons) on the other hand, are beholden to the State for their existence and accordingly, are regulated by the State. Humans exist as an extension of what I call Innate Intelligence, Source, Universal Mind, the Divine, Truth; sometimes called God though a great deal of infighting is caused by the “my God is better than your God” mentality. Every living thing is a subset of Innate Intelligence expressing

and we live and move and have our being through our connection with something much greater than ourselves.

The problem humans face is we have given our power to artificial entities who were created to replicate certain functions (earliest robots). Artificial entities were created to automate certain functions (gov), or deliver the function of worship (church), or created to manage our money supply (banks) but who have instead seized power to manipulate the humans for the purpose of maintenance of their accumulating power as artificial entities.

And to a very large degree, they have done so.

Crypto currency is the solution to the humans taking their power back. Crypto currency is the means and mechanism by which humans return to their rightful place, second only to Innate Intelligence for which the artificial entities, if we ever let them exist again, go back to their function of keeping the yellow stripes on the highway yellow (and the red lights red), deliver a fair court system and

deliver the function of automation that serve the humans in their endeavors—and nothing more.

As we discover the role of artificial entities, we discover our role; as we discover the pecking order with Innate Intelligence at the top, with humans as a direct descendant of Innate Intelligence expressing, not only do we accept our rightful role but we learn how to denominate and manage what is ours. As we take back our power, artificial entities lie down and again do our bidding

and the planet becomes an expression of humans as caretakers with insights from higher up.

Humans invent, discover and design repeatable processes that serve themselves and each other. Humans have insights and intuition, thoughts and conclusions that manifest as inventions and discoveries and processes. It could be said that humans are a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself into this dimension and as we come to understand our function, heaven on earth becomes possible.

But we first have to take our power back and this is most expeditiously done with crypto currency.

Fiat currency (state issued currency) is the instrument of artificial entities that humans use to denominate their worth, their savings and the product of their creativity. The problem with fiat currency is that artificial entities have a hand in everything humans do because a human’s worth is denominated in artificial entity terms.

In other words, we use a mechanism managed by artificial entities to manage our worth. Doing so does not serve us.

Instead, crypto currency is wholly owned by the party possessing it. Crypto currency is not a product of artificial entities and instead, serves the humans only. In fact, crypto currency, not being the invention of artificial entities, leaves them out of any transaction completely. This is the source of the humans beginning to stand tall again. It is in the ownership of the end result of one’s labor and inventions and discoveries

that the human’s worth begins to skyrocket.

Because crypto currency is private to the owner and user and “published” through block chain encryption format, we break the connection with artificial entities and begin to become empowered on our own. As humans continue to invent, discover and produce processes that empower each other for which artificial entities have no nexus, they get left behind. If crypto currency is not their own, they cannot tax, charge fees or interest, or control transaction fees.

This is already being acknowledged in courts of law.

The rule of the artificial entities is just about over. As the humans rise, first a few, and then more, they become the new leaders and the rest of humanity begins to follow. As the humans re-enable their connection with the Cosmos, denominate what is theirs in crypto currency, they are no longer influenced by the promises of artificial entities. As more and more humans accept their own power, they step into responsible living governed by truth, divine order, love and acceptance and

the planet begins to spin more to our liking.

It begins with a few, an understanding of the importance of crypto currency and that subtle listening that gives humanity its insights, inventions, discoveries and processes. This then allows the few to protect the rest of humanity as they discover themselves at their own rate and speed. Humanity, with the new leaders first, funded by their own efforts, begin to flourish and expand and extent, like we always knew we could.



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