Harnessing The Maharishi Effect

w/ quotes from the film Thrive II

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By J.Hamilton

The Maharishi Effect was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1960’s. Discovered in the ancient Vedic texts, Maharishi re-introduced this ancient “technology” to the modern world and delivered a proven solution for world peace. He then, I believe, introduced meditation to the western world to create large enough populations of meditators to then demonstrate the concept. He delivered successful demonstrations for well over 30 years.

A well known demonstration occurred in 1993 in what was then the crime capital of the United States. In July of 1993, 4,000 experienced meditators converged on Washington DC over a 7-week period with all of the attendant observation of criminologists, sociologists, academics, police departments, etc. During this 7-week period, crime dropped 23.3 percent with the equivalent of one percent of the population meditating.

Thirty years later, according to the Washington Post dated August 30, 2019, Washington DC ranks No. 7 on a list of the world’s safest large cities in the world. Coincidence? Hard to say.

The mechanics of the Maharishi Effect is actually quite simple. It requires experienced meditators who in meditation, become empty. In meditation, one naturally moves out of the mind and accesses presence for the duration of the meditation. In this state of presence, with the mind inactive (Hint: with resistance inactive), the frequency of God “peaks out” of the nervous system of the meditators and “coalesces as coherence.” Coherence dissipates distortion. I’ve learned this description from personal experience.

As a long time meditator (40+ years), I was introduced to neurofeedback in 2006. I had just finished my first book “Visionaries Thrive In All Times” (2005) and based on two ideas in this book sold exactly $1 million dollars of neurofeedback over 14 months for a neurofeedback startup company. This gave me a great deal of experience based on my own ideas.

What I eventually discovered was that by using neurofeedback differently, I could let the brain discover itself through the hardware/ software and let the brain clean itself up, itself! No algorithms, no one deciding what the brain should look like, etc. And in so doing, vast levels of overload and held trauma melt away and our natural state of connection simply becomes enabled!

I have learned how to harness this concept as CORE Resonance Colonies™. Small groups of six can deliver results similar, and likely more powerfully than the Maharishi Effect.

The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins displays what happens as resistance drops. Consciousness simply goes up! Best to say, consciousness and resistance are inverse, i.e., literal opposites! As we quiet the human nervous system of overload, held trauma and resistance, consciousness and states of being simply rise! It’s as simple as overload, resistance and rigidity (read: polarity) keep us from our connection with Source.

This is why “fighting what’s wrong” does not produce results! In fact, fighting what’s wrong might be a strategic diversion to keep people polarized and disempowered. According to the Map, the less resistant we are, i.e., the more access we have to presence, the more we are naturally connected with Source, and the more we have the force and effect of the Universe at our side. [Reference Thrive II at 2hr 20min, Foster states: “the unified field itself is on our side.] Note: Mind-based allowing is not the same.

One person at 700 on the Map, admittedly a very high number, counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200. One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200, and one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 below 200.

How does this work? In higher states of allowing (sans the mind), we become blended with the frequency of God; we become partnered with the frequency of God. As we mesh with Innate Intelligence, we become a host or conduit or through-put mechanism for grounding coherence into the world. Coherence dissipates distortion. [Reference Thrive II at 23min, Kimberly states, “personal stillness works like a straw to draw the unified field and bring it’s infinite possibilities into our lives.”]

And as Foster states just over a minute into Thrive II, “I am actually an antenna in a field of energy, tapping guidance from it, and bringing that into this body and into this physical world to fulfill my purpose.” In my opinion, he might be actually fulfilling the Universe’s purpose but when we are in overload, resistance and rigidity, our connection is far less available and far less reliable.

Kimberly at 23min says: The way to access this source field of energy appears to be through stillness, sometimes called the Zero point.” Accessing stillness is not of the mind other than for typically very short periods of time. The mind will not put itself aside for any reason and that’s why states of presence are so fleeting. Meditation can help this process but with my experience of 40+ years of meditation, it likely takes the DNA (results) of several generations of meditation to accomplish this task.

But with technology, we can learn how to introduce the brain to itself through hardware/ software and, just like a technology mirror, we can let the brain discover itself and clean itself up, itself! Note: no programming whatsoever! As we quiet the nervous system and enable our natural state of connection with Source, the mind will naturally relent to this connection which is how true allowing becomes available! I do not think there is another experience the mind will bow to, so to speak.

In an article I wrote in January of 2010 titled The Promise I stated that CORE Resonance can accomplish 30+ years of meditation in two years. Those numbers are no longer accurate. This was before the advancements of the collective consciousness of six people working together as Colonies™ came to exist.

As we move out of overload and resistance and move into true allowing, we become natural hosts for Innate intelligence expressing through us into the world of humanity. Our ultimate aim is to be the perfect host/ mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express itself in the man-made world of distortion, resistance and overload to dispel dissonance.

By learning how to partner with Innate Intelligence, we can create heaven on earth far faster than we might “think” and for which we each get the ride of a lifetime!

CORE Resonance becomes a very good use of our time.

Mind, Time and Resistance are synonymous.
Presence cannot be not found where mind, time or resistance rule.
In Presence, Guidance shows up and delivers us to Order!
Article: Synonymous: Mind, Time & Resistance!


PS Human beings partnered with Innate Intelligence is the only way to stay ahead of, or manage artificial intelligence!​ We must move out of the mind to go to our next iteration of evolution as a species!