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By J.Hamilton

When one learns to put the mind aside, resistance and time vanish and Presence naturally takes its place.

In nonresistance we become mindless! We give up that need to reason, plot or manage our affairs in a linear manner. Guidance becomes available in an all-together, non-linear manner and expression. Even healthy habitual patterns derived by the mind have huge limitations though they are maybe taking us in the right direction at some certain pace and speed. As we transition to nonresistance, our dormant Innate Guidance System begins to wake up and quickly it becomes very clear that we are experiencing something far beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own.

When we give up the mind, we give up “pushing against,” fighting what’s wrong, “problems,” and instead, timelessness shows up. In timelessness, Innate Guidance becomes fully operable and our lives take on vast new insight, meaning and grace. Further, we become cogs in the lives of others without judgment, the mind, or thought. We contribute effortlessly!

We become recipients of happenstance, synchronicity and an order that is far beyond our present understanding. What once were problems solve themselves, i.e., sitting in the parking lot and being still. In timelessness, perceived problems float by and develop into solutions at their own rate of speed for which our contribution usually continues the distortion of the issue. Without the mind’s contribution, i.e., resistance, problems are no longer our focus and the world flows into an all-new manner of expression.
— Excerpt from CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance by J.Hamilton

The only problem is, it is hard to put the mind aside with the mind. After all, the mind is your guard dog and the mind attempts to manage your survival along with everything else imaginable. And while the mind, also displayed as the ego, can offer a polished image of itself and even appear to disappear, it is always on. It will never relinquish itself but for very short moments. Instead:

Nonresistance begets Innate Guidance and introduces timelessness. Nonresistance shifts our focus for everything because there is no longer a reaction to our surroundings. There is nothing to “get hung up on.” Problems take care of themselves and the Universe moves life around with satisfying subtle “clunks” of synchronicity and order. Where there is no mind, where there is no resistance, there is no time. In timelessness, you are in Innate Intelligence’s hands.

It has also been my experience that nonresistance also begets timeliness. Everything is now in an order that unfolds in a most interesting, satisfying and timely manner. You become able to accept all invitations because everything is in order. Accept an invitation and nothing comes of it? At least for the time being nothing comes of it! But just wait for another subtle clunk of timeliness and the order becomes obvious!
— Excerpt from CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance by J.Hamilton

As one learns to put the mind aside through CORE Resonance Training™, CORE Resonance Colonies™, etc., by re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source, we become enabled of Presence. In Presence one now has a direct connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, The Divine, etc. Once the mind naturally subsides, Presence, Guidance, Intuition, Innate Insight, and a whole new scale of order naturally becomes available to us because we become part of that Order.

You then, as a recipient of this Order, become a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses through you (merges with you) for which advanced levels of synchronicity, harmony and order (eventually realized as coherence) becomes evident in your life. When you enable your partnership with Source (sans the mind), you become a host for Innate Intelligence expressing through you.

When humans blend with Innate Intelligence, we become exponential in our contribution. We become mechanisms by which solutions are grounded into the world. Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness indicates that one person at 700 counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people! Blended with Innate Intelligence, we become massively exponential!

Exponential contribution is the mechanism by which we make the world a better place.

CORE Resonance Colonies™ is a good use of your time.

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