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We have entered into four crypto-currencies (digital currencies) and wish to guide you if you so desire. We are involved in Onecoin, Procoin, a very exciting start-up and Bitcoin. Presently we are recommending starting with a particular bitcoin (btc) wallet as a great entry point. This costs you nothing.

We can then fund your digital wallet (our btc wallet to your new btc wallet) with $1.00 and show you how it all works. You can then, of course, fund your bitcoin wallet in any amount (or add to it at any time) and  watch it spiral upward on its own, or place a portion of it in trading as we have done.

As governments and fiat currencies falter,

cryptocurrencies escalate in value.

~ the future is coming fast! ~

We work with a long time friend and mentor and we can show you what we have learned. Cryptocurrency (of which there are about 1200 varieties now) is private. There is nothing to declare, it cannot be liened, levied or stolen other than through poor password protection. In fact, the gov/banks have nothing to do with what you own in the cryptocurrency world–and never will!

Your electronic wallet is on your smart phone and
your computer and completely private.

I offer coaching and consulting for those
who wish to explore the far-reaching
implications of cryptocurrency!
It offers far more depth than
you might ever imagine!

Jim Hamilton   (310 878-2268)
Alexis Summerfield  (
925 360-1006)

What Would $10,000.00 Be Worth If You.. 

Bought Gold, Stocks or Bitcoin 10 Years ago?

What was it worth several short months ago?


                                      July 2010                    August 2017

Gold                 $10,000.00 USD               $10,230.00 USD

S&P 500           $10,000.00 USD               $26,037.00 USD

Bitcoin            $10,000.00 USD                $525,000,000.00 USD

As gov and the traditional infrastructures self-destruct
(and outlast their usefullness)
cryptocurrencies become more stable!

In General:

  • Cryptocurrency offers local and global access to buyers and sellers. Users can make payments and generate cross-border money transfers instantly with no government intervention.

  • Cryptocurrency is stable. It is not affected by inflation or the stability of a particular bank or government.

  • Cryptocurrency is inexpensive. Payments and remittances are transacted locally and globally at very low costs compared to traditional transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency increases financial inclusion because any cryptocurrency can be converted to another cryptocurrency within an electronic wallet and minuscule fees.

  • Cryptocurrency is financial transparent because each transaction is completed with block chain encryption technology. Every transaction is “published” and therefore, cannot be altered or tampered with.

  • Cryptocurrency saves time. It has no “float” similar to traditional transactions—particularly international transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency is already being used for transactions, nationally and globally. In fact, several countries are almost entirely cryptocurrency.

  • Top cryptocurrency countries (in no particular order): Germany, USA, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, The Netherlands, Finland, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Japan,South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, etc

  • Cryptocurrency is transparent and secure. There is a continuously updating of all transactions through block chain encryption.

  • Cryptocurrency is safe. It cannot be stolen, levied, liened or seized as long as one has a strong password. There is no capacity to require one to declare one’s cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency requires no government, bank or other traditional institution for its stability. Instead, it is the use of digital currency gives it its value. As banks and governments falter, digital currency becomes the favored means of transactions and becomes even more stable.

  • Simply holding cryptocurrency in a digital wallet escalates in value. all in all, cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currency and become valued by their use rather than policies of big brother and the banks.

  • You will soon witness title to property effortlessly managed by block chain encryption rather than the ancient county recorder. Soon, escrow and title agencies will become obsolete. Block chain encryption transactions cannot be lost, stolen or manipulated.

  • Payola and bribes “under the table” become a thing of the past.

  • All transactions become transparent and published through multiple parties though encrypted!

Please review the Discovery Channel video about bitcoin as an excellent primer..

And, let us help you get started. There is no charge to set up a wallet and no charge to set up a trading account (1 percent a day average) as an excellent platform to learn about bitcoin. Because all of this is international, setting it up properly is a bit complicated. We would be happy to help you.

After all, this is all coming very quickly and you
would do well to have some guidance getting started!

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What do the Chinese think of bitcoin?
(turns out it doesn’t matter)

I recommend this trading program. I also recommend that you set up your bitcoin wallet correctly (before or after). All bitcoin wallets are not the same. Beware of a bitcoin wallet that uses debit cards or any ties to your old world. Contact me for additional information. And, let me help you set up a bitcoin wallet properly.

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Legislative, Banking, Kenya, etc (very incomplete list)


  • With a new bipartisan bill HR 835 by the United States House of Representatives, a call has been issued to the US Government to adopt a national policy to promote citizens’ access to new financial innovation including block chain and crypto. (I am trying verify this Bill has passed!)

  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the removal of a ban on the use of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin to “accommodate the growing use of alternative payment methods.”

  • California bill AB 129 “repeals an outdated restriction on the use of ‘anything but the lawful money of the United States’.”

  • HB 2417, introduced in February of 2017, would make a signature enshrined on a blockchain a legal signature under Arizona law. Conversely, any “record or contract” secured by a blockchain would be “considered to be in an electronic format and to be an electronic record”.

  • On June 5, 2017 the Nevada State Legislature became the first US state to approve a bill which will block local government entities from taxing Blockchain transactions.

  • Nevada’s Senate Bill 398 recognizes and authorizes “the use of blockchain technology” and smart contracts by Nevada residents. While reserving the right to use blockchains and smart contracts, the legislation mainly serves as a way to ensure that State government will not prevent residents from doing so.

  • The Hawaiian State legislature is close to passing House Bill 1481 which focuses on several ways in which Bitcoin and blockchain technology can help the State develop economically. “Crypto currencies such as bitcoin have broad benefits for Hawaii,” the bill reads. While awaiting a vote by both branches, the bill has passed several committees.

  • Illinois House Resolution 120, known as the “Blockchain Task Force Resolution,” was simultaneously created in both the House and Senate as a joint resolution to study how and if the State of Illinois, county governments, and municipal governments can benefit from a transition to a blockchain based system for record keeping and service delivery. The legislation has passed a House vote and is now waiting on a Senate vote.

  • Bitcoin now has an International Bank ID number (IBAN) which allows transactions through PayPal and WorldPay and other digital payment networks; as well as issue debit cards, enabled to process monetary transfers to other banks and accept transfer of crypto currency to their own “location”.

  • Bitcoin has been given that status of a “payment service provider” (PSP) by French financial institutions Aqoba and Crédit Mutuel (assets totaling over $581 billion).

  • In a study published in December of 2016 in the journal Science, economists at MIT and Georgetown have found that a service allowing users to send and receive money on their mobile phones has significantly reduced poverty in Kenya.

Additional Information

60 page Cryptocurrency primer, etc. No cost to you.

Please contact us for additional information.


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