I might begin by stating something that I learned from Abraham (Abraham-hicks.com) a long time ago:

Observers thrive in Good times
And suffer in Bad
Visionaries Thrive in All Times.

I was thinking of your observing the masses of humanity and in a certain manner lamenting the fact that they seem to be a bit like sheep.. not making them right or wrong.. And speaking of planes, I was once married to a Delta Flight Attendant and used to wear a coat and tie to fly first class. And for 10 years (’74-’84) I never paid to fly and never rode in Coach. What a shock to have to start paying for flights, and riding in coach to boot.. And because my boat was in Fla and I lived in Dallas, I was on a plane a lot flying for free. This was all before the air controller’s strike of 1981.

And what I got to see was the middle class come up into the world.. In other words, more people were flying, more people had disposable income and more people were showing up in gym shorts and on and on.. to the point that First Class was shrinking.. Maybe first class is alive and well, but the middle class, who’ve come up, not so much by their own bootstraps, but by the sheer availability of what once wasn’t so common.. the middle class has become quite apparent.. and it just became what’s next – to jump on a plane to go to a football game, etc.

My point is humanity is becoming more mobile, has more disposable income, etc. And though they didn’t particularly earn the right to airplanes, i.e., respect what it means to fly from one place to another (people used to dress up to get on planes), they just took it for granted; the polish that once was a part of flying.. those days are long gone.  And while you can see quite a bit of humanity in an airport, I am not sure the airport is a microcosm that I want to write home about. People are harried, stressed, many are out of their comfort zones, there may even be a bit of fear laced into the whole experience, etc.

Again, my point is, the majority is not necessarily the leader. In fact, if we have another financial crash which is quite likely, this middle class, not sure how it earned its comforts, will be quite unhappy when their hopes and dreams and jobs are dashed.. which brings up an important point.. they are people too. They have hopes and dreams and yes, a lot of them are seemingly mindless but I also see the little screens as means of introspective experience. The computer is a vast world in introspection, possibly even more valuable than a simple sunrise. After all, how could one enjoy a sunrise if it wasn’t an introspective experience?

As a long time salesman, I learned a long time ago to look for buyers instead of attempting to sell to everyone who comes along. I wonder if in your viewing of the masses, you are not seeing individuals like yourself, and find it disappointing. My experience says there is no shortage of humanity but only some, or a few – and they do congregate (similar to how Kita and met at an event, or Unity or Science of Mind, or so many seminars), and to let everyone be to their own devices and evolution. I for one, prefer to “allow” others though it is true that I know better than to mix in the masses. You won’t find me at a football game, or where large groups mass together. I find the frequency to be a bit harsh. Television is the same thing.. aimed for the masses, but even that has its appeal to some..

Instead, I look for people that are a match for myself and let the others go.. Not that I don’t bless them, for they too have that potential, that still small voice, but I don’t take my hints from what I see in the masses.. Instead, I put my efforts to what’s next, building what’s next. I can’t do anything about existing wars but I can teach empowerment that allows the next generation of mothers to tell the gov their kids are not going to war. I do my best work by being a visionary instead of an observer.

I know your email was heartfelt and I know it was your sense that simplification is the solution and I agree but I am not sure that it can be done by going backwards. I see technology as tools created by the hand of man, and some are quite useful. Certainly the computer is extremely useful.. That some only use them for games.. so what? Others use technology – and my definition of technology is any tool that produces repeatable results. In wood-working, a jig is created so that the same cut or pattern is repeatedly created. I see meditation as technology because it produces repeatable results, I see focus and intention as technology because it can produce repeatable results, etc. I see the human nervous system as technology because cleaned up, it allows Innate Intelligence to express through us” into this dimension J which will become an ever-increasingly important function for humanity’s deliverance from its ignorance..

I also see neurofeedback as an amazing technology, particularly the way I use it. I use it to allow the brain access to mirror feedback during exercises such that the brain cleans itself up – itself! Not so different from a blind person beginning to see, the brain starts organizing its internal structures once it has awareness of itself though feedback. No one in a lab coat and clipboard diagnosing your brain or deciding this frequency needs that as in traditional nfb… instead I give the brain a “technology” mirror and allow the brain to clean itself up – not so different from defragging a hard drive. J In so doing, the brain, once on overload, gets organized and quiets down, the mind quiets down, resistance and reaction, survival and defensive posturing relax, and that natural state of connection becomes evident and built upon.. I would have to point out that CORE Resonance employs no programming or imprinting of information; instead with a fancy feedback mechanism, the brain, without the mind in the way, begins to learn again, and organizes itself. It becomes coherent.

So, I am on a different page as it regards technology because without concrete and steel and forms and jigs, we wouldn’t have bridges and I am very clear that computers represent the most incredible tools of introspection and learning, of course if used right.. And the guys that fly in gym shorts may or may not use electronics to their potential.

My work says that advancing consciousness is the only solution to the dilemma of humanity sans leadership and I’ve expressed my views about how and why humanity seems to be rudderless. But I’ve also written elsewhere (VTAT) that only a very small portion of the population are the leaders and almost everybody lives and operates on the coat tails of those few.. My work says that by rapidly advancing consciousness, not only do we become exponential in our capacity to contribute, but by becoming the new leaders (exponential), we fuse what works into society.. And of course, I say what works in engendering our partnership with Innate Intelligence which rapidly advances consciousness, which causes exponential influence upon the masses.. which becomes the new beginning.

In the early 1980’s*, I was taught that 10% of the population is basically evil and 10% of the population is basically way up there and 80% will flash you a smile if you smile at them, and that same 80% will flip you off if you do the same.. In other words, to use a somewhat military tern, wining the hearts and minds of the 80% is the game.. – the spiritual game.  And when you have access to exponential tools, the whole of humanity can be saved, even without their knowledge, because my early point at the top of this email is they are followers..
* I think those percentages have favorably changed

And visionaries taking our hints from the masses, the followers, doesn’t serve visionaries. We must take our hints from what does us, and the others coming behind us, the best good.. This is how I have latched onto what I call Innate Intelligence, Source, etc.

One other quick story.. as I was growing up, as I was very young, initially I looked up to my dad. He was a very confusing fellow, especially energetically, because he was a master at withholding love and acceptance. I learned very early that he was not a good role model for me. My mom was not much better, growing up in the 1950’s (I was born in 1951), but I also did not see that role model I was expecting/looking for in the church with my 10 years of perfect attendance, and I did not see it in school all the way up through college, and I did not see it in the gov. In fact, growing up, I did not find any authority figure that had its act together, and thus I kept looking.

I started meditating in 1973 and began that introspective journey and I write about it in Visionaries Thrive In All Times (VTAT), and in that introspective journey combined with my earliest remembrances and internal dialogue, i.e., knowing where I came from before I was born (though I do not believe in reincarnation), sailing the oceans for a few years and realizing that Nature has an intact order about it, I finally began to see some sort of Order that I could ascribe to, something that I could trust and put my allegiance to..

And, that’s the work I teach..