It was my pleasure to speak with you yesterday early evening.

In our conversation we burrowed down to what we really want: peace in our lives and our surroundings.

In a world of confusion and polarity, “me vs him,” etc., more and more of us are realizing we have “had enough,” we are exhausted, or living life seems to be exhausting. And, if only we had better tools to make the world a better place, we would. ..yes yoga and meditation is huge and we now need to move to what’s next.. it’s simply our spiritual evolution as a species to open up even more.

As the pressure grows (now its Trump along with a million other scenarios), it becomes increasingly obvious that something needs to be done. PS I am hopeful about Trump though not a Trump fan..

Yes, the answer is allowing but at a refined level; at a graduated level, at a level that allows god to express through us with no distortion.. anything less is mind driven.. and we touched on the shortcomings of the mind.

I appreciated our opportunity to meet and seems there is more going on than meets the eye.

Unless the humans embrace our bigger connection, we are doomed as a species.

Better said, as we deliver coherence (the frequency of god) into this dimension, we are in service to others as well as our self–at exponential levels.

As Abraham once said “one person connected to Source is more powerful than 1million who are not.” For those who can hear, for those with eyes to see*, we now have our function.. and we have science to back it up..  including the Maharishi Effect, the Map of Consciousness, the article “Are Inventions Inevitable,” etc.

I am not fanatical about this stuff because it is an open-ended experiment.. Will the species come along and lift up.. I would suggest this is so… and some of us are on the cutting edge of making it happen.. It is simply our wiring.

Bringing others along is the game.. but we have the Cosmos at our back (synchronicity) so it is not so hard.

If we don’t have the Cosmos at our back, why bother?

I hope the above isn’t too much.. It just flows out of me..
and feels true.

Please feel free to be in touch and share what you are thinking or how I can be of help, interact with your friends and associates, etc.


* loosely referencing an expression in The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan..