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The problem with being a visionary is that you always have to be upbeat. Always. Always. Always. Temper tantrums, tirades and lashing out at others is pretty much out of the question. Resistance and reactionary posturing are obsolete tools and the 21st Century makes this increasingly clear. Being a visionary is the only way to get ahead these days. We hold a vision for what we want, align it with intention and “come hell or high water,” we hold on to that vision until we manifest it.

I discovered that I “see through the debris field to the end result.” The debris field is anything that might thwart my vision and intention, or cause my vision to wander. Occasionally, distractions get my attention but usually I am focused on the end result even if it takes years, and sometimes longer. I used to work smart but more so, I learned not to NaturalHabits_jpgwaiver in what I wanted. And by example, by age 26, I owned a 39′ 17,700 lb centerboard yawl that I kept in Key Largo, Fla, allowing me to sail some of the prettiest sailing waters in the world.

Many get diverted by the smallest of distractions and never get to their dreams. Others get diverted by the larger issues and settle for what “common sense” tells them is acceptable, while a few strive their entire lives, and continue to re-invent, explore and adventure. The title of my first book says it all, and comes from an expression I heard at an Abraham seminar a long time ago:

Observer’s thrive in Good times and suffer in Bad;
Visionaries Thrive in All Times.

Observer’s take their insights from their surroundings. If it is good, they observe it and restate it; if it is bad, they observe it and restate it. Observer’s repeat, repeat, repeat whatever comes their way without much filtering, and their realities are created accordingly. Visionaries hold steady to their focused intention and align with what takes them closer to their goal. A debris field could be the weather, (complaining about), the gov (complaining about), the many forms of distraction, anger or upset, or even the sensationalism broadcast into our homes as entertainment. Debris is just about anything that keeps us “off-track.”

Visionaries Thrive In All Times is written as a huge uphill affirmation. At 93,000 words and 13 chapters, the book climbs and climbs, all the while peeling away layers to new discoveries and openings. This is the way I’ve learned to think, this is the way I’ve learned to focus, this is the way I’ve learned to “intend” and this is the way I’ve learned to partner. And, this is the way I assume my audience operates. But sometimes I wonder.

It is obvious that we are going to have to face some very serious problems in the very near future. And while we think it is going to turn out in the long run (do we?), where does that put us in the meantime? How many of us have dominion over our affairs? How many of us chart our course through life, and how many of us blow in the wind — with the wind? In other words, how many of us go with the flow? After all, there is a lot of ignorance out there, and a great deal of deceit, manipulation, bad examples and a lot of bad leadership. (Can you spell b-a-n-k-e-r-s or c-o-n-g-r-e-s-s?) So where does that leave us?

Let’s start with politics. We have seen a vast degrading of our political system and with it our fundamental rights, something we never expected to see in the good ole USA. Just recently, I renewed my driver’s license and in the past, lawfully kept my SSN off my driver’s license and application, lawfully kept it off my bank accounts (pre-9/11), and lawfully, it is still off my passport. Why? Because it says on the card, and the law follows suit, “Not to be used for identification.” The use of a SSN is a political identifier; it indicates a legal status that is not to be used casually,  much less erroneously. And it says so right on the card.

The card also says “Property of the US government.” This means that the use of the SSN infers serious legal ramifications as it regards gov privileges extended to you — at a certain and distinct expense. Ever wonder why humans are grouped together with corporations from the perspective of the gov? After all, humans and corporations each have federal identifying numbers. It is a very sad state when everyone offers the number that says “not to be used for ID” for everything imaginable including school and medical records, business activities, and now the big one, ObamaCare which ties to your blood work, DNA, etc. Now, my driver’s license, passport and other ID fall into a single database tied together by my SSN — which they warned me about.

Did you know that a corporation is a resident of a State just like you claim, and occasionally affirm with your silver pen? Ever wondered what the definition of a resident is, or have you just assumed its someone who lives in a state? How could humans and corporations both be residents of a State? How could they both be under similar rules and obligations? Corporations, as artificial entities, are created by the State’s statutory authority and thus corporations are beholden to the State for their very existence, and are accordingly, the proper definition of residents of the State. State in capital letters is the State gov and small “s” denotes the land and people of the state.

Humans are not beholden to the State for their existence, so why do humans identify themselves as residents?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, resident is defined as “subject to the jurisdiction in question.” Nonresident means “not subject to the jurisdiction in question.” Someone or something “subject to the jurisdiction in question” is therefore “resident” to that jurisdiction. An employee of the State government is a resident of the State i.e., its rules and regulations, particularly the hours that person works. They carry the “rights and duties” (benefits, privileges and obligations) of being an employee and resident. State employees are beholden to the State for the privilege of working for the State. Hint:

The plant kingdom is resident to Nature, the laws of Nature – and so are you.

You could say an employee of Coca-cola is a resident of the Coca-Cola corporation because they are subject to the rules and authority of Coca-cola, at least during working hours though it actually encompasses 24 hours of each day. The Coca-Cola employee is beholden to Coca-Cola for their job, their benefits and privileges, as well as the job’s dictates. To work for Coca-Cola requires that you perform in a certain manner. When the company tells you to jump, or what time to come to work, that’s what you do. Note:

I think this sheds a bit of light onto the  “independent contractor status” 🙂

Why would humans crowd themselves into the same legal distinction as corporations; as artificial entities? For benefits? Did you know that there are two types of rights in the USA? 1) God-given rights, i.e., inalienable rights, also pronounced un-a-lien-able (referenced in the Declaration of Independence), and 2) rights issued by the government. Ever heard of Civil Rights? When the slaves were freed by the 13th amendment in 1865, they were not recognized by the laws of the land because of the color of their skin. The Founding Fathers only acknowledged/protected the God-given rights of white people with inalienable (un-a-lien-able) rights, and white men/land owners, in particular.

In 1868, the 14th Amendment gave the freed slaves their rights. This set of rights, different from God-given rights, and because they were issued by the fed gov, they were called civil rights. To accept these rights, one also accepted the duties (rights and duties) that came along with these rights. This is where the definition of person, as it related to human being, was born. Persons receiving civil rights from the gov, i.e., accepting rights also accepted duties. Residents, i.e, artificial entities, similar to persons, were also the recipients of rights and obligated to the corollary duties. Corporations with the right to exist, do business, etc., also then have certain duties. next thing you know, everyone and everything is obligated to the gov for their rights. Curious that we sign “under penalties of perjury” without an understanding of our own stature as human beings who get their rights from God.

And we wonder where it all went wrong. 

Hilariously, except its not funny, the white people then sued the gov for civil rights, and things really began to tumble. While the gov may have started out innocently, we jumped into their laps for benefits and privileges, all the while losing sight of our own nature and allegiance to our Maker. Slowly, we began to look to gov, an artificial entity, for our benefits, and began to believe our rights and benefits came from these artificial entities. In looking to gov for leadership, we disregarded our own capacity for common sense, our own resources, and our own capacity for inner guidance.

We disregarded our allegiance to our Maker.

While some look for a solution disguised as a “silver bullet,” the problem seems to be more in the nature of a “silver pen,” i.e., signing documents we don’t really understand beginning with an SSN application at the hospital when you are born. Going along with things has its advantages, and it has its disadvantages. Do you know that Selective Service, i.e., the supposed mandatory registering for Selective Service by males over the age of 18 is voluntary? Did you know that when males were drafted, at some point in the process, they had to step forward and volunteer? Going along can get you in a lot of trouble.

And as subtly as it may be covered up, the present system still requires one to volunteer. 

What makes humans so interesting is that they are so unique. There is nothing else quite like them on this planet. The biggest difference, compared to the other animals,  is that humans use tools in a very complex manner. And while we are increasingly discovering that animals use rudimentary tools, humans design complex tools in their heads to match complex problems. They then create the tools, replicate the tools, and continue to refine the tools as in assembly lines, patents, etc. Humans build things in their mind and then produce them.

You might say humans produce “things” out of thin air. 

We also have the famous division between Church and State, both of which are artificial entities. We all know that Church and State have always vied for power over humans and in the earlier day, the church held more sway, later it was the State, and vice versa. Now it’s the bankers and the billionaires who vie for our energy and capacity to produce reality out of thin air. Either way, both the Church and State have competed for the authority of leadership over human beings for a long time.

But banks, as artificial entities, now have the inside edge because they convert our capacity to produce “things” including labor into money. 

Banks create money (with the help of the gov) and money is the exchange/storage for human energy expended. Because of this very close connection between a human being’s capacity to create “out of thin air” converted to money, banks are one-up on the old division of Church and State, and thus offer an even more egregious abuse of authority. Worse, banks are now issuing money against future human labor. This is known as debt. Debt is human energy not yet expended. Because artificial entities have no capacity to know the difference between right and wrong, and we inadvertently allow them to lead,

the outcome will be a very wild ride at best. 

Humans are intermediaries between heaven and earth. As receivers of Innate Intelligence flowing through our nervous systems, we manifest thoughts and refine, refine and refine. With nervous systems, we are able to tell the difference between right and wrong, something an artificial entity is incapable of doing. Humans, are first and foremost, walking hosts for Innate Intelligence expressing through us into this dimension. Through this partnership, we produce something quite unique: thought, and secondarily labor, as a by-product of thought.  Labor looks like the many forms of manual labor, inventions, products and services, putting words on paper, etc.

Either way, humans are resident to Nature and the jurisdiction of the Cosmos, though it seems whoever can usurp this most valuable resource on the planet will do so. 

Because artificial entities are incapable of producing anything on their own, we have to be very careful with them. Artificial entities, designed to be subservient to humans, have no nervous systems and do not look out for human’s interests — at all. With a limited capacity to create on their own (imbued by their makers with limited capacities as lodged within the Secretary of State’s offices), artificial entities beget and favor other artificial entities. This is why our court system and gov favor Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, artificial healing modalities, and on and on.

Note: Artificial entities can “live” several hundred years and accumulate a great deal of power and wealth.

So, the two biggest divisions on this planet (secondary to the division of plant, animal and mineral kingdoms), are human beings and artificial entities who we created. As we have already seen, artificial entities have no nervous system, therefore no capacity to know the difference between right and wrong. Further, they do not have that connection that allows them to create out of thin air (thoughts and labor) but most importantly, to even exist, they must live off the backs of humans, the most valuable resource on the planet. How did humans get caught up in this reversal in the first place?

A silver pen would be the simple answer. 

So, the human beings allow, allow and allow and now we are about to run out of clean air, clean water and clean food as the artificial entities gobble up every resource imaginable in the name of profits. Our foods contain GMO’s and pesticides without our permission, our oceans are about fished out and full of trash, earth’s orbits are full of trash, our health/medical system is trash, we have superbugs in hospitals, we are destroying the bees, we have mercury in our vaccines, and our ground water is fracked. Wall Street bankers have never been prosecuted, Monsanto and the Grocers’ Manufacturer’s Association is suing the first state to require GMO labeling (Vermont), and we “allow” all of this.

CORE Resonance is about the idea that the humans are the most valuable resource on the planet. We have the most sophisticated nervous systems on the planet, therefore we have the most sophisticated capacity to deliver solutions to an ailing planet. It is we who are the most powerful creatures, but without our natural state of connection, without our proper resident status, we are inferior to even the artificial entities we create.

Re-enabling our natural state of connection is our only solution for the many problems humanity faces. Up and out is the only way forward for the species. 

Re-enabling our natural state of connection with the Cosmos; reclaiming our proper resident status as subservient to our Maker, the Cosmos, we become intentional hosts for Innate Intelligence to express through us into this dimension. Re-enabling this connection and doing so properly (the proper definition of Unconditional Love), i.e., no resistance to our Maker as taught by Yeshua and others, allows us to re-establish the balance between humans, Nature and artificial entities. Becoming more conscious and putting our attention to the solution is what our faculties are all about.

After all, being a visionary is not a passive activity. 

It was my thought many years ago that solutions are not found in 51 percent of the vote, or rabble-rousing, or fighting against, though all of that has its place. Advancing our own individual consciousness, becoming more refined in our very natures and allowing more of the gifts of Innate Intelligence to flow through us  is the only answer. With reference to Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force and the Map of Consciousness,  we have a map and the identification of a plan to get our world back.

This is how we compete with the artificial entities and their spokespersons, the Dick Cheney’s and the billionaires. 

Re-aligning our allegiances to our Maker, re-establishing our resident status and rights and duties and obligations, and looking to authority that makes us strong, is how the humans take their planet back. Human beings, as the most sophisticated nervous systems on planet earth, host delivery systems that allow the Universe to unfold its solutions through us onto this planet. But it takes a concerted effort and a certain type of vision to take our power back. It takes a certain type of allowing and it starts with honing what is true, and negating what is not true. As we line up with what is true, Dr Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness begins to make a powerful statement.

As we become more conscious, we become more capable of influencing the whole. As we become more whole, our capacity to become influential becomes exponentially greater and in the long run artificial entities (sans nervous systems) don’t have a chance. According to the Map of Consciousness, one person at 700, admittedly a very high number, counterbalances the negativity of 70 million very naïve people below 200. One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200, and one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 people. Many of us fall around 500 – 550 and higher which is a pretty good start.

While writing this article, I stumbled across the idea that corporations, i.e., artificial entities, subservient artificial entities, are capable of being re-purposed. And while they do not have nervous systems, they can still become important cogs in the battle for planet earth. Abraham-Hicks Publications, L.L.C., the host for Abraham through Esther Hicks, is one of many artificial entities who emulate the human capacity to stream consciousness into this dimension.  Another would be Hay House, Inc, others include the entity that Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and many others offer as delivery vehicles for new though and visioneering that the  humans need to take; to take on the task of bringing heaven back to earth.

There are a great many things humans are doing right but it is time to learn where our allegiances lie and stop feeding what does not serve us. There are solutions if but we could see them and this is what consciousness is all about. Going forward is about intention, vision, allowing in a proper manner, and re-enabling that deep connection with what is True at the foundation of our existence. With a bit of an understanding of the problems we all face and the lay of the land, so to speak, i.e, artificial entities, it should be easier to side-step our difficulties, line up with what is true and become part of the solution.

It is about time, it is about allowing.. but it is also about doing so properly.



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