I wish I could express how very big cryptocurrency is, and how very big it is going to become.. The wealth of humanity has got to be held somewhere safe.. and cryptocurrency is the answer!

  • Cryptocurrency is incorruptible, cannot be liened, levied or seized, and it is private.
  • It is far more stable than traditional currencies which rise and fall on “policy” or other manipulated events.
  • As humanity becomes able to collect its wealth in an incorruptible manner, humanity’s worth rises like never before..
  • As humanity’s worth rises, we begin to chart our own futures.
  • As the worth of humanity becomes unleashed, cryptocurrency will continue to rise for a very long time!

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There are some very interesting things going on in the world right now! For example, bitcoin will continue to be the king of cryptocurrency for at least another year. Other cryptocurrencies will rise and keep pace assuming their management is sound.

  • And don’t forget.. bitcoin isn’t a company.. there is no management.. no one controls it in any manner–ever!  It will rise for a very long time.
  • All other cryptocurrencies are managed by companies, etc.  Hmm… some are great, some are experimental, etc.

As we discover the immense safety of holding and growing cryptocurrency, we will all become wealthy–not so different from being the first to participate in Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, etc.

Alexis and I first bought bitcoin at around $5400 or so on Oct 19 and it is now at $19,500, Because it is stable, it will climb and continue to climb. Why?

  • As cryptocurrency is discovered to be stable, there will be a stampede to the new currency–causing it to continue to rise.
  • As cryptocurrencies become more commonplace, companies will begin to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.. In fact, many already do.
  • The wealth of humanity has to be held somewhere. As cryptocurrency proves itself, there will be no stopping the flow to this new currency.
  • Because of cryptocurrencies inherent stability, there will be a massive exit from fiat currencies.
  • The day of the bankers and gov manipulating humanity is just about over.

Contact me for help setting up a proper cryptocurrency wallet and a bitcoin trading account paying out 1 percent a day..

Suddenly, we have a place to store and grow our wealth outside of the control of gov, banks, etc. Suddenly, the potential of humanity is in our hands..

  • First we have to “own our worth” and “control our wealth” and then extend forward. As we come to have control over the end result of what we each produce, humanity will express like never before!

We are living in interesting times!