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Video Message – 100-Day Prosperity Plan™

by J.Hamilton and VisionariesLab

There is an underlying explanation behind The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ that I would like to share with you based on a few questions that have come up. VisionariesLab is a Phase I understanding of enabling one’s natural state of connection with Source for which we become rich in our connection with Source. Accordingly, we find huge evidence of synchronicity, harmony and order in our lives which are the precursors to prosperity, abundance and flow as the Universe opens up to us. Curiously, prosperity, abundance and flow are one and the same – but more on that later! So much to learn!

The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ is normally $597, offers a 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee and delivers an introduction to the possibilities of what enabling our natural state of connection with Source looks and feels like. Because the mind is readily accessible, because it is the tool we can most easily restructure and because we already carry it around, it behooves us to harness what we already have because after all, the mind is a bit like an untrained fire hose. Use coupon code esqs8xyg for a $100 intro special!

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The culmination of thirty years of research by author J.Hamilton, CORE Resonance is the best 21st century survival guide and success tool wrapped into one simple volume of 10 simple chapters. Learn how to move from reacting to your environment to a partnership with a Success System that knows no bounds.


Rev. James Hamilton

By the way, here’s a link for Phase III The New 508 Communities I mentioned.
And, of course, CORE Resonance (explanation), Phase II.

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