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By J.Hamilton  

I saw something astounding this past Sunday afternoon. I saw a football game (gee, maybe I’ve seen three games in ten years) that was quite interesting. It wasn’t that the teams seemed so mismatched or that the score was so uneven; what I saw was a team that played as one. They made few mistakes and went down the field as one. They were tight and they overwhelmed the other team. Kind of like a pro team outplaying a college team. What made them so different? 

This past Super Bowl will make history. Big history! It defined not only the future of sports (as teams) but enabled a leadership model that might change the world. After all, something is going to have to change, and it seems we saw the beginnings of it on our TV screens – and in the Super Bowl of all places!

You see, a linear model of change is not possible. A linear model says that if we do this then that will occur; if we do something else then something else will change. But it doesn’t work that way even though this is how our brains, and particularly our minds, seem to project forward. Instead, solutions will show up in a nonlinear fashion – similar to the coalescing of an idea whose time has come. This is far more similar to how Nature works and how things work in general.

We witnessed this in this past Super Bowl Sunday, a game that arose out of a young group of people becoming aware of themselves, expressing their potential, and becoming more. We saw a group of people, the Seattle Seahawks football team, achieving coherence and going down the field as one. We saw one team substantially outflank another and we know how they did it.

In Super Bowl XLVIII, it wasn’t about a new drug or something to chew, a pill to swallow, or even a new “mind game.” Instead, it was a mindless game and a team who began to play as one by becoming a better “team.” This was done by refining their nervous systems through yoga and meditation and in quieting their nervous systems, a whole new world awaits. And the next thing you know, the team goes down the field as one and wins the Super Bowl. I call it coherence. I suppose you could call it “team coherence.”

I once did a talk for Las Chivas del Guadalajara, a major soccer team in Guadalajara, Mexico. Chivas is Spanish for goat, and the name of the talk was “Goats With Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads.” The idea was that the team members first and foremost are nervous systems going down the field with a common goal. They listen, yell and whistle, and their entire senses are alert to each other as they go down the field. And the more refined their nervous systems, the more they “hear” and intuit each other. The better they communicate and play as one,  the more often they win.

We find a marvelous insight in the Seattle Seahawks because they brought the values of meditation and yoga into a world that has been dominated by aggression and ego, brute strength/force and reaction and powerful resistance. Instead, we saw a team operate as one and flow down the field consistently and seemingly consciously. As little football as I see, they were a marvel to watch.

We saw the beginning of a new type of leadership that, by the way, can’t be bottled, forced into a pill shape or manipulated. It comes from finding that true spirit within, putting the linear mind aside and moving into the zone en masse. It is something whose time has come. And after all, it was seen in SuperBowl XLVIII. It was seen on TV. It must be true!

This same model will soon become predominant in other factions of corporate life. While it is true that corporations have no nervous system and are incapable of even knowing the difference between right and wrong (much less having access to presence and guidance), corporations are made up of individuals. And, as individuals bring what is inherent in a refined nervous system to their work place, the world will change faster than “you might ever think.”

According to Richard Sherman:

“Me, Earl [Thomas], Kam [Chancellor]… we’re not just three All-Pro players. We’re three All-Pro minds”


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