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By J.Hamilton

Hint: “There are more bugs in the human body than there is “human” in the human body.”

I’ve read an article suggesting humanity has always lived 80 – 90 years back to the time of Rome and Greece and even ancient Egypt. While there have always been diseases culling the weak and the infirm, humanity has always seemed to have a threshold somewhat short of the centurion mark. And while we have had massive improvements in health and medicine, hygiene and the comforts of life, we continue to hover around the “slightly less than centurion mark.” Why is this?

After all, we have had massive improvements in the fundamentals of life since the late BC and AD periods, but little seems to change. We are still fading out at the 80 – 90 mark. And, actually, at this present point, we are enduring far more stress, far more chemicals in our food and water and far more trash in our seas. Maybe stress has always been a huge killer. Regardless, we still age and fall away by 90 if we are lucky.

But we are hopeful. We are more conscious than ever before of our eating habits and lifestyle and even know that motorcycles and other forms of daring do not necessarily extend life. Yes, there is that indomitable spirit that gives us a lift but may also engender our demise. It seems it takes an adjustment if we want to reach for that long mark (and go beyond) and there are a number of things that can help.

For example, exercise is for certain. Without exercise, bone density and muscle fades away and one of the most obvious causes of decline is sarcopenia, and the eventual fall. Not to mention, the body stores its favored fuel ADP in muscle rather than in fat. Rebounding is the secret to exercise. [More on that later.] Meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to old age or at least aging gracefully. Obviously, meditation is an excellent means of reducing stress but has the added value of introspection and the development of that inner dialogue that is so important to the success of the individual.

To know thyself is a huge component of long life—more than most would suspect.

While we assume we eat well in the 21st century, this may not be the case. First, we devolved from hunter gathers, i.e., fresh foods to an agrarian species, eating mostly grains and other foods that store well. So much for living foods. After all, in today’s society, eating from a bag of chips or other fast food or convenience foods has become standard operating procedure. To a great extent we’ve left behind living foods most capably found as fruits and vegetables. Not to disparage the flesh foods, in fact, it has been realized that the faster foods spoil, the more powerful the indicator of its aliveness. Hint: meat in its various forms. Reference: Electrical Nutrition by Denie Hiestand

With all of our modern technology, we have done little to forward our progress for long life. But we do have some hints for longer life. Epigenetics is an example of how we can take advantage of what we have learned from science. Epigenetics says we have a massive collection of genes (good and bad) that we can cause to activate as we choose. Attitude and environment (of which we are far more responsible than we might imagine) is a huge stepping stone in the right direction. Establishing subconscious patterns and habits that serve us is another, and of course, eating foods that actually feed the body is another.

But there are a few other tricks that might make a huge difference and they both begin by an understanding of how and what we are made. For example, It turns out there are more microbes in the human body than “human” in the human body. According to the NIH Human Microbiome Project, the human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1! They also state that while some “bugs” are good and some are bad, microorganism make up as much as 6 pounds for a 200 lb adult! According to the New England Journal of Medicine the human GI tract contains up to 10-million different microbial specie!

Anthony William
There are several books making their way around the Best Seller’s list by Anthony William suggesting that a virus is so prevalent in the human body that the by-products and waste from this organism generates a massive amount of disease (dis-ease) and undermine the human spirit. Anthony William is a medical intuitive and states that most Americans (240 million of 320 million) are afflicted with the Epstein-Barr virus in one of 60 variants and four cycles of growth. And through mis-diagnosis and ignorance, we inadvertently feed this virus and culture.

It turns out that our eating habits play a huge role in the microbiome, which is our internal culture and a component of “know thyself.” After all, where are you going to live when there are more “bugs” in you than “you” in your body? Anthony William, author of Medical Medium, explains that our poor eating habits combined with the incredible amount of toxicity we ingest feeds the Epstein-Barr virus, and our miseries. Short-sightedness and less than optimum health may be the result. After all, we are made up of bacteria and bugs, and if they do not serve us, they kill us ever so slowly.

Anthony’s series of books indicate that we can do a great deal to manage our “cultures” by the foods we eat. Better said, by eating live foods, we engender the cultures we want in our bodies and starve the cultures we don’t want in our bodies. So very many diseases that contribute to old age, senility and that ultimate sense that we’re not going to get out of this world alive begins with our internal (there’s that word again) cultures. According to Anthony William modern science is 20 years away from putting this type of information into your hands.

After all, if we want to be powerful, intentional and a “survivor,” we must go within. And while modern science brings us many valuable “insights,” they also bring us Round-up, Monsanto, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and a host of other not so well thought out ideas. After all, science and medicine still does not teach diet, i.e., how and what we eat as a component of health and what fuels us. We need to begin to think for ourselves, act for ourselves and become a bastion of information about what makes us tick! Learn from trial and error versus what the advertisers tell us is a fundamental choice.

MMS and Jim Humble
Another interesting insight revolves around another mechanism by which we can curtail disease and encourage healthy flora and fauna (healthy bugs) in our bodies is by a product called MMS. And while MMS has been pooh-poohed by the naysayers and the “establishment,” approximately 20 million people in third world countries will say differently. Developed by a retired NASA engineer mining gold in the bowels of South America, his entire crew came down with malaria with no access to outside help. With no other choice, they became guinea pigs and used water purification tablets they had access to and cured themselves!

Jim Humble then went on to research how they recovered from malaria, a disease caused by a mosquito bite that delivers high fever, chills, and flulike symptoms that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Jim Humble discovered the main ingredient in the water purification tablets they used is Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is made from normal table salt with oxygen atoms added to create NaClO2 (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 2 oxygen atoms). Detractors claim MMS (24 percent solution of Chlorine Dioxide in water) is the same as bleach NaClO, (1 sodium atom, 1 chlorine atom and 1 oxygen atom) but molecularly they are as different as night and day.

To quote from Jim Humble’s latest book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (HRG)_edition-1_October-2016:

“..chlorine dioxide has been used extensively to purify water, to sanitize hospital floors, to disinfect slaughter houses, and to purify vegetables, along with hundreds of other uses. More than any other single mineral/chemical, chlorine dioxide through these and other means has improved the health and lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide and still no deaths or permanent injuries have been recorded caused by the use of chlorine dioxide in 100 years.  This also includes the many millions of people who have taken MMS orally for the purpose of health restoration.”

Jim Humble’s findings have not found ready acceptance by the medical establishment or the FDA to name a few. It seems that upsetting the apple cart is first ridiculed, then violently opposed, and finally accepted as being self-evident” (credit Arthur Schopenhauer). Jim Humble had to create a church environment to protect his work which actually is where his work should be cataloged anyway. After all, the concept of the church is to minister to the needs of human beings. Corporations/artificial entities do not seem to understand the importance of the needs of human beings, instead being literally motivated by profit.

What I have discovered after using MMS several times for one month each time is a distinct sense of well being and arising happiness. My girlfriend states that the aging around my face diminishes and that I look younger. I kept a journal of my experiences and would be happy to share them [link]. Otherwise, you can peruse and for additional information. I’ve ordered from this church twice in Bradenton, Florida with quick shipping, proper pricing, etc. I’ve recently discovered an excellent a one-hour documentary here or here. I particularly recommend Jim Humble’s latest book MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

It is my belief that MMS dramatically reduces the “pathogen load” on the body and similar to computer resources becoming available, our life force lifts up!

As we move farther into the 21st century, the differences between what we have been doing and what we should be doing becomes increasingly apparent. Clearly the food industry is producing more and more dead and junk foods; the pharmaceutical industry is beyond imaginable, and the toxins and poisons in our system are beyond measure because we don’t yet take them seriously. For some reason, humanity is not solving its problems as a species. Mostly, we are growing at an ever-increasing rate driven by corporate leadership which is driven by profits. We are destroying what little we have left from the inside out as well as the outside in.

As an aside, corporations have no nervous system and thus are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong in the first place!

If we want to be successful, individually and collectively; if we want to make good decisions about ourselves and our planet, we need to review our experiences, what we have to deal with, and find solutions. We need to learn how to use our bodies to our advantage rather than carry them around until they collapse. And it begins with us. Ultimately, the solution is to “know thyself” which includes what we intake, be it ideas, what we envision in our heads and what we consume.

As we learn how to navigate the food issue and begin to quell the bug cultures that do not serve us, we become more alert and more capable. Inflammation, heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, etc., is a great indicator that something is off.

By combining the wisdom of Anthony William and Jim Humble, I believe we will begin to get a handle on the biggest mystery of life—ourselves. As we begin to have dominion over our own affairs and initiate solutions to the overwhelming microbiome that makes up our home, we will again begin to prosper. We will again be able to see out in front of ourselves and better predict what will occur. After all, as we reach 60 and 70 years of accumulated life and wisdom, we become the most valuable resource on the planet.

Protecting the wisdom we have accumulated becomes a stepping stone for humanity making better choices. With strong minds, strong bodies and accumulated wisdom, we become visionaries with something to contribute. As we stay strong in mind, body and spirit, we have something useful to say (instead of grumbling about old age). We can go out bright to the very last day and if we are careful and pay attention, we can extend that brightness quite a bit into the future.

And, of course, what we teach to each other is paramount. We have a choice. It begins with us; it begins with our choices, it begins by how we feed ourselves and how well the internal cultures of our body serve us. It all adds up to a very good beginning even if we are 80.


PS Since writing this article, I’ve discovered Earthing. I have been using Earthing for several months and it seems to be exteremely interesting, even to the point you don’t have to do anything (so to speak)..
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