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It is astounding to see how much our world has changed in the last 40 years, let alone the last ten or even the last several years. Our American political system has disintegrated to the point that it is almost unrecognizable. We squabble over whether global warming is real, whether humans have anything to do with it, much less quantify a concerted effort to address it. More and more people go without, all the while the US builds more bombs, prints more money, invades more countries and leave wreckage and debt where they have last been.

And, it is in our inability to address basic problems that we deny them, look the other way, and otherwise spin in circles as a species.

My personal opinion is that humans have a lot to do with global warming because we have such a big impact wherever we go. When you have an 8,500 sq mile dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico as a product of petrochemicals (including Roundup) and fertilizers from farming emptying into the Gulf from the Mississippi River, or a 270,000 sq mile Garbage Patch in the Pacific (each ocean has one), or an almost uncountable amount of space debris orbiting the earth, or human trash in 15,000 feet of water 1,000 miles from shore, you can bet the humans are influential. Note: there are groups who study the problem.

And now, we are leaving space junk, bacteria and who knows what on the moon, Mars, etc. It’s embarrassing! Jeesh!


We have been laying waste to the forests for heating, cooking and industry since long before medieval times with rates of global deforestation presently running about 28,000 sq miles per year. The US has lost 90% of its indigenous forests and the world’s forests retain only about 22 percent of its original footprint, all the while we spit enormous amounts of carbon and chemicals into the atmosphere and water each year. And while the Arctic Tundra defrosts releasing a vast tonnage of methane and carbon into the atmosphere, and icebergs calf and massive ice shelves slide into the ocean,

can we argue that all of this is just cyclical, and humans are not part of it? I don’t think so.

Other than Nature, it can easily be argued that humans are the most powerful influence on the planet. We are the most powerful “influence” because we have the capacity to create reality out of thin air. Only humans have the capacity for imagination, focus and intention; to think thoughts and manifest physical reality. Ever had an idea and then shortly afterward you were driving around in that idea, or eating what you were thinking about, or living in a new home that began as an idea, or enjoying a remodeled, redecorated or repainted room in your house?

It all started as a thought!

The human being’s capacity to think thoughts into reality is what our potential is all about. It has been said that we are created in the image of our Creator and accordingly, we are creators as well. Maybe yes, maybe no, but we do have a lot to learn. Humanity produces many fine expressions as art, science, education, architecture, cities, transportation and pleasure, and we also generate a massive amount waste and destruction and debt. We leave a vast amount of wreckage and abuse of resources where we have been.

Why is it that we are about to run ourselves off our one and only planet?

Anybody ever wonder where it went wrong? Or, if it went wrong, or where we are in the scheme of things? What makes ants so successful at what they do? Where does their organization come from? Or the elephant herds, or the bees, or the many animal and plant species that meld and merge and co-exist, even if only to become dinner for another? Where does the incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, dairy and grains come from? How in the world could humans ever exist without the vast order that was somehow already here?

It seems there is an Order that everything shares, and the humans have somehow side-stepped it, or have we?

Lately, I have been looking to the tadpole and the frog as an analogy. I wonder if the tadpoles that climb out of the pond ever look back? I wonder if they wait around for “the others” or they just head out and end up as frogs? I wonder what happens in the pond? Doesn’t it continue to be a pond and breed animals that morph (metamorphosize – a perfectly acceptable science) into what’s next at their own rate and speed?

Monemer-4I wonder, if similar to the caterpillar morphing into the butterfly, do the humans have the same opportunity “if but we could see it?”

When we look at “observers” vs “visionaries,” i.e., wherein observers generally repeat what they see, and visionaries are drawn forward by their vision catalyzed by their intention and focus’s forward direction, I wonder if planet earth will always be a pond and an incubator of polarity; of do’s and don’ts, equality and inequality, rich and poor, victims and victors, and a scenario of always being at-odds with the fundamentals of Nature?

Where resistance is king, we seem to repeat, repeat, repeat. And, while it may not have to be this way, this is the way it is and has been for quite some time.

As we touched on in a recent article, resistance is one option, allowing is another, and the third option is accessing Presence for which Guidance presents us with our most interesting possibilities and choices. Maybe the pond will always be there as a primordial soup/ incubator for which a portion of the species climbs out and becomes what’s next. And maybe becoming more takes a bit of fortitude, a certain spirit and a bit of vision and willingness to partner with the Unknown, if for no other reason than the known offers nothing we don’t already know.

And while some rail against what they don’t want, others sit on their hands, and even others “allow,” maybe there is more.

What if the Design of Nature, for those who can discern the difference, is to leave the pond and morph into more? But how would they do it? Probably the same way the tadpole and the caterpillars do it: blind guidance, blind acceptance, a bit of internal knowing, and an embracing of the Unknown. Now, of course, tadpoles and caterpillars have been doing it since almost the beginning of time and have that advantage, but are we so different? Maybe we aren’t.

Maybe humans have been leaving the pond, a few of whom there are stories, and planet earth is a breeding ground for something transitioning into something else?

After all, there are myriad stories and reports of angels, archangels, virgin births, states of enlightenment, overcoming death, immortality and on and on. What if the smart ones of the species climbed out of the pond never to look back? (Or to look back? See Bodhisattva.) What if there is more to life than the polarities we have seen so far? Maybe heaven on earth which is quite viable, is also heaven after earth if we are so inclined. What if death is not necessarily about “dying, judgment, placement, etc?”

Maybe ascension is more of an option than we think?

So what part do our mental faculties offer us in the way of tools to achieve such a prodigious leap into the Cosmic reaches of the Unknown (and beyond the Unknown :)? What about focus and intention as a starting point? What about the capacity for imagination, insight and that subtle capacity that some of us have suggesting there may be more than meets the eye?

What if what our parents, teachers, the church and the State taught us, doesn’t quite fill in all the blanks?

There is a premise, initially introduced in Visionaries Thrive In All Times and further refined in CORE Resonance, suggesting that we are the product of our patterns and habits. That our patterns and habits are fundamental to our nature because our brains on overload (sans access to Guidance), are simply unable to process the vast amount of incoming information presented to us in each and every moment, and thus we settle into habits and patterns (read: automation) that we did not necessarily consciously choose? The point becomes: what if we learned how to choose our patterns and habits consciously?

Couldn’t our patterns and habits be designed to better serve us, be open-ended and deliver us at the very least, to a more refined reality creating and existence?

And, what is it about those unconsciously chosen patterns and habits, often fueled by old traumatic circumstances, emotion, fear or doubt, etc., that seriously limit us? They project ahead of us to avoid certain circumstances, but even in death, continue until the generator of these patterns and habits finally fizzles out and our projections slowly fade into eternity. On the other hand, what if your patterns and habits were firmly rooted in sync with the comings and goings of the Cosmos and by building substantial patterns and habits founded in partnership with Innate Intelligence,

our projections continue long after we leave the body?

It is the contention of CORE Resonance that we are largely a product of unconsciously chosen patterns and habits, driven by our little understood capacities for resistance, focus and intention which create a great deal of mischief to the point of being the only irresponsible species on the planet. What if we could learn to build patterns and habits such that not only do they serve us, but continue to serve us off the planet? In other words, what if we created self-replicating, self-funded and self-driven patterns and habits, partnered with Innate Intelligence (and Guidance) and learn to align with the overall intention of the Cosmos’ expression and expansion?

Might this allow us to move to another level of being and another level of experiencing?

It wouldn’t be so different from a flash light or laser beam projecting forward, except that the patterns and habits are designed to be open-ended, self-regulating and self-healing, and driven by a purpose aligned with Creation which of course supports them and vice-versa. In concert with Innate Intelligence, these patterns and habits take on a life of their own for which we are the author and traveler and they become the vehicle. It would not be so different from the creation of a cosmic sailing craft constructed of patterns and habits that catch the solarwinds of the Cosmos,

allowing us to explore between and among solar systems and galaxies and into and beyond the finest particles of matter (and far beyond) with no need to look back.

My best guess is there is more than the small-time destruction of the planet going on. And it is not about escape so much as it is about springing forward and beginning each our truest journey. I dismiss reincarnation as not so much more than a mind game. After all, if reincarnation had validity, why have we accomplished so little as a species? But hosting another iteration of life expressing itself through us is not so farfetched.

After all, we are a subset of God and expressing and birthing and creating is what we do. Maybe the polarities of earth is about how we get our wits about us, i.e., refine our nature, and move forward not so different from the frogs and butterflies?

As someone* once said, “out of contrast comes clarity;” maybe that is our engine, our catalyst and our causality?

I have an indirect recollection of where I came from before I was born and my whole life has been driven by those memories and insights. What if sensitivity and a refined sense of knowing and that inward introspection tells us more than the universities, gov, church and medical profession ever could? What if there is a lot more to life than seems to meet the eye?

What if the pond is just a staging area for awareness and expansion beyond this realm?

ladder_2Once we get the lay of the land, it becomes apparent that the mind is not much of a tool. On the other hand, everybody’s got one. And while most haven’t used it to any significant degree, i.e., to let go, there are a number who do, thus the mind is capable of becoming an effective tool for a bit. And while the mind offers significant shortcomings, it still can be used to get us to the first, second and maybe even third rung of climbing out of the pond.

It would be my contention that to get out of the pond, we need to harness the mind to its fullest extent. It’s first and main goal would be to learn the polarity game to engender allowing to deliver us to a partnership with Innate Intelligence so that we can get out of the pond, away from the shore and into the trees, and become well-established on our journey.

It is interesting to note that we are not our bodies; we are not our brains and we are not our minds. On the other hand, we have the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet, which is first and foremost a “sensing mechanism” for finding the target for which the first prize is becoming a throughput mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express “through us” into this dimension. That we can then use this connection for our own use suggests there are vast possiblities!

Hint: Unconditional Love is about hosting this flow sans resistance, sans distortion and sans interference on our part — for which, by the way, untainted solutions from the Cosmos are delivered into this dimension for you and me and everyone!

This becomes part of our liftoff: becoming a throughput mechanism for God expressing heading for parts Unknown and leaving a trail of leadership for those with subtle sensing sniffing out the next part of their own journey.

As we become increasingly conscious, i.e., the more conscious we become, the more capably we host/ allow Innate Intelligence to flow through us into this dimension. It is in this flow; the encouraging of this amperage to flow through us unimpeded, and I might add, diametrically the opposite of resistance, that a new component of life and Awareness is born.

We, not as minds, bodies or brains, but instead Awareness are born of the amperage of Innate Intelligence rushing through our body’s nervous system, not so different from the glow around an electrical wire as higher amounts of electricity course through the wire.

As we become more conscious; as we become more aware, we allow more Innate Intelligence to flow through us. This eventually becomes our propulsion and our trajectory.

To reiterate, the human being is first a nervous system and mechanism by which in refining our sensing mechasm we sense out and Innate Intelligence (God) responds by expressing through us into this dimension — not any different from the rest of nature. Second, the human species in general, and the more conscious of us in particular, come into our own as awareness. As we drop resistance, as we harness allowing and move into Presence and Guidance and partnership with something larger than ourselves, we become capable of vast contributions and vast outpourings.

As we find ourselves en masse lining up with what is True, we simultaneously deliver solutions to a world in need of a few good ideas and at the same time set ourselves up for a journey of vast proportions and an identity that may have no end.

We discover that as we lift off, we leave things better than we found them.
To be continued..  (Reference article titled Coherence Dissipates Disorder 2020)


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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As an aside, researching the above numbers, I came across an interesting fact. According to Wikipedia, Carl Linnaeus is the most popular figure on Wikipedia. Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist born in 1707, receives more page hits than Jesus at #2, Aristotle at #3, Napoleon at #4, etc! His claim to fame is the invention of the system designed to classify plants and animals. Very curious.

Another aside, according to Wikipedia, “One hectare in the Peruvian Amazon has been calculated to have a value of $6820 if intact forest is sustainably harvested for fruits, latex, and timber; $1000 if clear-cut for commercial timber (not sustainably harvested); or $148 if used as cattle pasture.

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