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The No-cebo Effect – The Gift That Keeps on Giving! – New Year Vision News..

by J.Hamilton and VisionariesLab.  This issue includes:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving  •

Meditation  •

The No-Cebo Effect  •

Three Types of Focus  •

Letting Go of The Mind  •

Download CORE Resonance (free)  •

•  Soaring Affirmations™

•  Guidance Lite™

•  The 100-Day Prosperity Plan

•  What Happened?

•  The CORE Tech Trilogy™

•  Consulting, Coaching & Resets

The No-cebo Effect – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste or a terrible thing to lose, but when is this not the case? How about when we are in overload, “worried to death”, or carry a foreboding about the future? It turns out losing our mind might be the best thing we can do. It turns out that letting the mind go is the beginning of the solution. Why?

Abraham Seminar Vortex Excerpt describes the purpose of CORE Resonance

The mind’s attention and focus, conscious and subconscious, intentional and unintentional, produces our outer circumstances because the mind delivers what it broadcasts.

Even if we broadcast “positive” signals—with an underlying subterfuge of limitation, angst or worry, we achieve mixed results at best.

Our lives are an accumulation of what we believe to be so, know to be so, or choose to witness or recall from our past in each moment. Accordingly, we can learn to manage the mind to deliver an ever upward spiral of outcomes and synchronistic happenstance if we so wish!

A successful life is about knowing that we can improve our outlook and our broadcast, and improve what we attract into our lives.

Meditation is an excellent example of losing one’s mind. When we meditate, a whole series of mental circumstances come to a rest. When we  meditate, an inner tension and inner rigidity fade away and a whole new inner world becomes available—if but for a moment. And while it is possible that our overwhelm and  “concern” will return, we can meditate again and again until we break the habits and patterns the mind has over our beliefs and outcomes and our outer circumstances improve. This is the power of meditation.

Meditation is a technology and a variation of “self-medication” for losing the mind; for quelling the mind for which meditation always delivers a better experience for the practitioner by releasing the mind a bit at a time—a phenomenon and concept worthy of our study.

Eventually we might ask if all of our problems can be related to an over active, overwhelmed or under-trained mind, and the answer is a resounding yes! After all, the mind without a certain type of internal discipline and intentional order, is capable of swirling us to the point of destruction or even an agonizing experience of death. We have all had the experience of downward thinking that we have to pull out of to reset our lives.

Hint: As we get older, it becomes imperative that we better understand this conversation as our less than optimal patterns and habits and rigidity become a bigger drain on our life force!

The No-cebo Effect

According to Bruce Lipton, all disease (or a lack of prosperity for that matter), is a product of what we feed the mind, that the mind then broadcasts to produce our worlds. Bruce talks about the No-cebo Effect which is the Placebo Effect working backwards. And while Bruce’s explanation about how the Placebo/ No-cebo Effect works is quite accurate, at least in the enclosed video he doesn’t take the concept far enough, 

because there is more to positive thinking than just positive thinking—which we are all beginning to better understand. [Bruce Lipton 2nd video reference]

Three Types of Focus
According to Visionaries Thrive In All Times (2005) by J.Hamilton, there are three types of focus (VTAT excerpt) by which we create our realities.

•  Resistance to what we don’t want. Resistance is powerful focus and often contains an emotional component that makes resistant focus even more powerful. Law of Attraction powers what the mind produces either positively or negatively.

•  Choosing what we want based on what we don’t want. Most attempts at wellness or abundance are about escaping what we don’t want, or using what we have (or don’t have) as a reference for what we want next. The problem is we unconsciously carry what we don’t want as part of the affirmation or positive thinking which delivers a garbled signal to the unfolding of what we truly want. Again, Law of Attraction delivers precisely what we ask for.

•  Visionary Mode is when we have quieted the mind and our focus is clear of outside activity and negative inner dialogue, Our broadcasts are formed by our budding partnership with Guidance and our outcomes are far more sophisticated than what we can put together on our own. We are again working with Law of Attraction but our output is catalyzed by Guidance or at least a better understanding of the forces at play 🙂

Escaping the mind’s limitations delivers endless possibilities, and more to the point, our possibilities come into alignment with Wholeness. Our overall “bigger picture” matures for which our reality creating meshes with the Frequency of God, Source, Innate Intelligence, etc. Not only do we serve ourselves in a far more coherent manner but we often become cogs in the unfoldings of others—because ultimately we are all one.

Letting Go of The Mind
In letting go of the mind our truest possibilities become a reality. But we can’t let go of the mind with the mind because the mind (ego) won’t give itself up! Accordingly, we need to learn to “change” our minds and most of us initially do so with a variation of self-medicating tools. Alcohol and drugs for example, change our state but do so in a less than ideal manner. Television zones us out, compulsive shopping and overeating change our state, mindlessly surfing the Internet changes our state and maybe titillates our senses so we know we are alive, but doesn’t deliver us to something truly useful.

It is in the age-old recognition that losing the mind is our most important asset that a whole host of new horizons begin to open up.

Soaring Affirmations™
Instead, we learn to saturate the mind with a quality of affirmations that leaves the mind’s version of things far behind. In the case of The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine, we use a well-proven series of affirmations and upwardly revise them to Soaring Affirmations™ which are internally updated revisions of well proven affirmations with a little help from our budding access to Guidance Lite™ and a new sense of the importance of feeding the mind.

Saturating the mind’s belief systems with useful affirmations that are centered, not on what we want, but instead blending and partnering with the frequency of God, allows us to truly break free of the limits of the mind. Clearly, The 100-Day is a technology; clearly it is a variation of self-medicating and clearly it is beyond the mind, because the mind’s beliefs are not originating the exercise.

If we want to have more in our lives, we need to learn to move beyond the mind.

CORE Resonance has a massive amount of experience with accessing Presence which is a no mind, no time, and no resistance experience. And in a recognition of Presence for which Guidance naturally ensues, it becomes apparent that the mind is not the end-all/ be-all. In fact, once one starts to have a sustained access to Presence and Guidance, we discover the mind is not much of a tool at all! But we need the mind to help us find the right tools, the right technology and the right self-medicating before we can let go!

When we properly let go of the mind, sustained Guidance naturally shows up!

Guidance Lite™
As we train the mind to a singular focus with our connection with Source, an identifiable flow of synchronicity, harmony and order becomes evident. As we maintain the training, the flow continues and our reality creating and outcomes take a leap in a far more useful direction. Because we are generating flow through mind’s refined output, i.e., we have not yet completely let the mind go, I call the results Guidance Lite™. Guidance Lite™ is real, very repeatable but not as sophisticated as what CORE Resonance can deliver. You can happily spend the rest of your life with access to Guidance Lite™ and a slow ever-upward spiral.

Excerpt from Synopsis of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance: for an enlightened world (2014) by J.Hamilton

As we rise up in our frequency, we are met with “messengers,” i.e., Innate Guidance delivering solutions to what we once attempted to achieve on our own.

As Presence and Guidance become tangible, Innate Guidance begins to physically interact and even override our decision-making process.

You then know you are on your way.     [link to free download of Synopsis]

The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine
I invite you to explore The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine because we need to learn to use the mind to its best advantage which is to rewire the mind’s output for our singular attention to God for which everything else then unfolds. As we do so, resistance and overload disappear, flow shows up as choices made for us partnered with Source, and our outcomes become far more useful—and easier to allow!

Note: Curiously, as our outcomes become more in sync with our nature, allowing becomes far more available! Said another way, as resistance fades, we enter into a whole new phase of allowing ease into the living of our life.

I personally believe that death, dying, disease, poverty and the other afflictions of humanity are a product of the limitation of our belief systems—age-old belief systems taught to us by our friends and family, the church, school system and gov. These beliefs are then reinforced by the Internet, television and the news media delivering a type of mass-mind story line that is startlingly shallow.

It is in the shaking off of what we have been taught that we begin to have different experiences, whether it be health, wealth or simply a life worthy of our time on planet earth Our outcomes and contributions substantially improve—and at the same time, we become vastly more influential in the world—and our world.

The majesty of the workings of the world open up when we change our minds.

 What Happened?

Years ago I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and had to pee so bad I didn’t think I would make it into the store, much less find the bathroom. Next thing you know, I am in the produce department picking out radishes and romaine. I had completely forgotten I had to pee! My focus changed when I walked into the store!

What happened? I inadvertently/ unintentionally changed my mind, i.e., my focus, and the emergency simply disappeared! My focus changed, not so different from the placebo and no-cebo effect, and my experience changed! Had my focus remained on my “emergency,” I would have continued in the harried state I discovered in the parking lot!

What happened? Kate Winslet held her breath for 7min 15sec? She changed her mind!

When we come to understand that changing our minds delivers different results, we will have graduated individually, and as a species. This is how everything in life works.

Hint: Most of us are not truly aware of what we’re thinking other than to study our surroundings which are a picture-perfect mirroring of what we think/ broadcast consciously and subconsciously.

Learning how to change our minds is a very good use of our time.

​Note: Think about it before you repeat stories of misfortune about yourself or others. When you share information with another, now two minds are focused/ melding on the same malady (or beauty).. Time and distance means nothing! [Consentience excerpt from VTAT]

As Dhyani Ywahoo says: It is our duty to put a thoughtform of happiness into the atmosphere.


If you want to heal, change your mind! Because the mind won’t let go of itself, you have to saturate the mind with a specific type of affirmation centered around enabling your connection with Source. Accordingly, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship and physical healings can then become available—simply by changing your mind!

If your world is shutting down or usefully extending, it is because of what you have on your mind 🙂