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Welcome to the Early Fall Newsletter

by J.Hamilton and VisionariesLab. This issue includes:

•  Reset By CORE Resonance (an introduction)

•  Soaring Affirmations™ (your new beginning)

•  100-Day Prosperity Plan™ $100 Coupon Code:  ESQS8XYG

•  100-Day Prosperity Plan™ Money Back Guarantee (satisfaction guarantee)

•  Pay To The Order Of… ($4,000?)

•  Coaching, Consulting & Resets (we are limited by what we believe)

•  Download CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance (free)

Reset By CORE Resonance!

–© 2022 J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com  By J.Hamilton   

We are all  “just in time” for the renaissance of CORE Resonance.. a re-branding and new interpretation that goes back to our originations as VisionariesLab but updated a bit to more readily identify what CORE Resonance is all about! After all, while enabling our natural state of connection with Source ought to be a simple task, there are so many ideas and beliefs most of us need to unlearn before we can go forward! So, let’s go back to the beginning!

Accordingly, our lives are a product of our subconsciously held patterns and habits; the engine of which, had we had better counsel, would have been chosen more carefully and wisely. 🙂
— Not so different from a carefully crafted recipe!

Thus, many of us are due for a reset prior to stepping into our truest power for being better contributors for making our world, and the world a better place!

Why not be partnered with Innate Intelligence? Why not use the model of Nature for our own success, prosperity and abundance? It’s how Nature effortlessly goes forward! Why not us?

CORE Resonance actually began as VisionariesLab (2004) and my first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times (2005). Early on I developed and used and revised The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ multiple times over 20 years, worked with two physicists (and later a third), neurofeedback was introduced to the mix in 2006 – 2007, four more books popped out (2009 – 2015), the concept of 508 Communities most recently formed, and we are now back at the beginnings of the journey!


VisionariesLab is about “ultimate personal performance” which is an introduction to the world of emotional intelligence, possibilities and outcomes beyond what we have traditionally assumed to be so. Emotional intelligence is the product of a rising up of our inner connection with Source. It is an intentional enabling of our natural state of connection with Source for which all new levels of intelligence, maturity and the unconditional nature of our wholeness becomes evident in our lives.

After all, blending with Source is how we step into our truest power and become exponentially contributitive to a world in need of a few good ideas. Reference: the “other-worldly” influence of the well-documented Maharishi Effect. [Additional Link]

What is missing from the surprisingly dysfunctional world of mankind/ humankind is the overall governance and ease that the rest of Nature so readily abides. We are out of sync with what the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms inherently know! In other words, we are missing the Order that the frequency of God as governance can so readily deliver to our lives.

This is not a “religious statement” but instead a statement of the mechanics of how life actually works on this planet!

Introducing Soaring Affirmations

Soaring Affirmations™ begin where traditional affirmations leave off. Generally, goals and affirmations are a product of 1) escaping what we don’t want, or 2) choosing what we want based on what we don’t want, or 3) visionary mode, i.e., taking insights and nudges from our inner nature, holding our focus, and seeing “through the debris field” to the end result.

Visionary mode is the truest starting place for making our world, and the world a better place.

Soaring Affirmations™ are similar to visionary mode but we add a new element of upbeat imaginative and creative thinking that refines the quality of our mental output. In other words, we refine the nature of the goal or affirmation by letting our inner nature contribute to the unfolding of our forward momentum and outcomes.

Soaring Affirmations™ are statements that begin at a certain minimum quality and project forward, leaving “reasons” and excuses far behind. After all, if we want to learn to blend with Innate Intelligence, we do so by continuously moving uphill in our thinking. Soaring Affirmations™ is a technique that can be taught to the mind through a practice called The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ designed to revamp what the mind thinks, knows and projects forward.

Soaring Affirmations™ is also a very successful technique for speaking to others and contributing to meaningful group conversations.

It is in pursuit of real prosperity and true abundance that we enlist the highest capacity of the mind to contribute to each our journey and outcomes. And because the mind is generally not a very sophisticated or disciplined tool (think rubber or foam :), it behooves us to train our minds to see/ vision in a useful manner with an expectation of all new scales of order, outcomes and the beginnings of partnership with Source.

Accordingly, VisionariesLab introduces The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ as a mechanism by which several goals are achieved at once. 1) We begin the process of cultivating a more refined internal language of prosperity and abundance, i.e., we revise what we know about prosperity and abundance, 2) we acknowledge and fortify our beliefs about where prosperity and abundance comes from, and 3) we learn how to rely on our connection with Source for which newfound bounty and altogether new levels of synchronicity, harmony and order prevail in our lives.

Phase I   ..and save $100.00!

It is in a refocusing of the mind, a very malleable tool of consciousness, that we discover the road to prosperity and abundance. Harnessing the mind is where it all starts. It is in a re-establishment of useful beliefs and focus that we become enabled of the benefits of our connection with Source. After all, the origins of the Ten Commandants and “Thou shall have no other Gods before me” (paraphrased) was introduced to us at least 8,000 years ago in earlier Egyptian texts!

Reference my 4th book: What if Prosperity Has Nothing To Do With Money?

It would seem there must be something special for humans to heed when a teaching has been passed down through our species for 8,000 years!

Again, the above is not a traditionally religious doctrine but a simple mechanical understanding of how things actually work on planet earth.

It would seem there must be something special for humans to heed when a teaching has been passed down for 8,000 years!

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Pay To The Order Of:

And while the magic of prosperity, abundance and flow, along with newfound synchronicity, harmony and order is very magical and often very subtle, there are also very distinct demonstrations that make it clear that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf—if you will allow it. For example, I started The 100-Day Prosperity-Plan™ most recently on July 07, 2022 and very unexpectedly received two checks in the amount of $2,000 each – three days apart!

Neither check was so very different from money falling from the sky!

Most importantly though, the money arrived in sync with the re-branding of CORE Resonance to VisionariesLab. And while the earliest vestiges of the branding and checks each synchronistically started somewhat earlier, the timing of the money and the natural flow of it all became the re-branding experience identifying what prosperity and abundance actually look like—and is actually all about! Prosperity and abundance is what flow is actually made up of!  Note: There’s Order in them thar hills!

Money is not abundance. Money is not prosperity but it is and can be a cog in the machinery of the overall flow of manifesting what’s next in our lives as we learn how to let it do so. 🙂 

Hint: If it can be taken away from you, it is not prosperity; it is not abundance!

Measuring abundance and prosperity as money and cash is a mistake. Cash comes and goes but flow and magical outcomes are far bigger and far more influential. Not only that, the feelings of knowingness and synchronicity as an expression of Innate Intelligence expressing through you reverberates for a lifetime as nodal points of resonance on the map of your advancing connection.

Cash simply comes and goes. If you are going to chase something, chase God!

I recommend that you sign up for The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™. It is normally $597, offers a 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee and delivers an introduction to the possibilities of what enabling our natural state of connection with Source looks and feels like. Because the mind is readily accessible, because it is the tool we can most easily restructure and because we already carry it around, it behooves us to harness what we already have because after all, the mind is a bit like an untrained fire hose.

Learning to direct the mind with Soaring Affirmations™ is the beginning of a life-long journey that will set your world, and the world on a new foundation.

After all, resonating with coherence/ the Frequency of God is where we all want to end up!

Become part of the solution. The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ is a good use of your time.

Rev. James Hamilton

Note: The 100-Day Prosperity Plan includes a 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee! The Guarantee requires that you do the lessons and if after 45 day and you have completed 30 Daily
Lessons and you are not satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded!

(There is also a six and 12 month version in the works
those interested in a more in-depth experience.)
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•  The evaluating and re-establishment of patterns and habits that produce new outcomes, and

•  Anti-aging Strategies, i.e., evaluating and upgrading unconsciously held patterns and habits to better serve our chosen trajectories! After all, some of us might want to live a very long time and pass when we choose. (Some may even want to see how all of this turns out 🙂

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