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Welcome to the November Vision Newsletter!

by J.Hamilton and VisionariesLab.  This issue includes:

•  First Function™  (an introduction)​

•  What’s So Important About Flow?

•  Guidance Lite™  (an introduction)

•  The Mind

•  The CORE Tech Trilogy™  (an introduction)

•  The 100-Day Prosperity Plan (introducing a 3-part payment plan)

•  Consulting, Coaching & Resets (we are limited by what we “know” to be so)

•  Download CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance (free!)

•  Free 30min consultation..  (zoom or phone)

Are We Being Cosmically “Set Up” To Become Whole?

–© 2022 J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com  By J.Hamilton

First Function™

VisionariesLab™ is the end product of 20 years of research and development around the fundamental importance of partnership with our spiritual nature. And the recognition that our most important function is the re-establishing of our active connection with Source. Period. Everything else pales to this “first function” of training ourselves back to

resonance with our Connection and learning how to activate and blend with what’s true. To quote from Edgar Cayce:

“All strength, all healing of every nature…is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.” Reading #1967-1

And in learning about the importance of this resonance and connection, we discover, of all things, that our connection relieves us of limitation, shortcoming and scarcity. Instead, our intentional connection delivers timely abundance, prosperity and flow, magical happenstance and exponential and truest contribution to each moment of our lives—and to those close to us. In other words, resonance and acceptance with the larger whole (Love) is the answer.

This contrast is becoming increasingly identifiable because an increasingly polarized mass-mind consciousness has become caught up in limitation, scarcity and fear. Why? Because the old is collapsing. Why? Because the old has run its course, is finally imploding and creating massive uncertainly. Why? Because the old is not made up of what is true! Why? Because we have become a “mind-driven” society and sans our Connection with Source, we are delivering a mind-based/ fear based output of massive limitation and dysfunctional conclusions into the world.

Which Brings Up Today’s Subject:

It seems we are being cosmically “setup” to become whole per the contrast of a world of illusion and misguided values—and being caused to refine what we know to be true! After all, if we look at Nature and the overall Big Picture, there is no shortage or scarcity whatsoever. In fact, abundance, prosperity and flow are fully intact, and alive and well all around us. But for some reason, we (generalized term) are not part of this incredible Order!

Accordingly, the increasing contrast in our world becomes our map to the truth. As the contrast becomes more evident/ more painful/ more obvious, we make better choices!

What’s So Important About Flow? 

First, flow is how the Universe unfolds—and unfolds through us! And flow and abundance are, of course, the same because the Universe is made up of flow, allowing and abundance. Flow delivers what we need when we need it for which our lives can spiral ever upward. Further, flow is a product of letting go of the mind for which time, resistance and thinking fade—and we move to another scale of Order, Guidance and Magical Happenstance in our lives. 

Note: It turns out flow, prosperity and abundance are the precursors to Presence which is a whole scale of Order beyond any semblance of the mind’s perspective.

How long flow lasts, moment to moment, day to day, or week to week or longer, is the foundation of this article because as we learn to cultivate flow into our lives; as we become more coherent, we consciously and usefully contribute to each our world and the world through our flow!

And as we learn to align with new truths, we become exponentially and socially far more able to contribute to coherent and resonant change on our one and only planet!

The 100 Day Prosperity Plan™     [Coupon Code: Save-$100]

The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine is designed to introduce flow, prosperity, abundance, and Guidance Lite™ into our lives for which we can begin the process of becoming exponentially contributive in a world that is otherwise “designed” by manmade and distorted thinking. The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ is the beginning of the replacement of our mental interpretation of error and distortion in the world around us. 

Generally though, one cannot put the mind aside with the mind, i.e., the mind won’t give itself up. So we have two choices: 1) To somewhat forcefully re-establish the mind’s output (or prayer as I like to call it) for which The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ and Soaring Affirmations is an excellent example, or by 2) re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source by quieting the human nervous system with CORE Resonance™, a somewhat more sophisticated process for which Paramahansa Yogananda offered this comment: 

“The spine is the highway to the Infinite. Your own body is the temple of God. It is within your own self that God must be realized.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

The Mind

Somehow as a species (generalized remark) we’ve lost our natural state of connection with Source and the Guidance that naturally shows up, and instead attempt to use the cognitive power of the brain to process the world around us, forecast ahead and otherwise attempt to live our lives for which the world of limitation is quite apparent. And because the brain was not designed for this herculean processing task in the first place, the brain slipped into massive overload for which in my opinion, the overloaded brain created the mind to protect the overloaded brain. After all, other animals/ mammals do not have minds though they all have awareness.

And because Guidance is a very subtle frequency, it gets “drowned out” by the noise and racket of the mind and brain on overload. Accordingly, the mind is limited to what it already knows as it attempts to project us forward into our futures. But because the mind not have intuitive abilities, see around corners and otherwise offer what we assume to be intuitive superpowers, it is ultimately not very reliable.

Hint: Intuitive Insight/ Guidance and mind thinking/ projecting are far different!

Note: According to Joe Dispenza, the brain only consciously processes about 2,000 bits of new information a second while 400 billion bits of information are available — and ever changing as potential. There is no doubt the brain runs on overload!

Hint: Superpowers and intuition are actually a product of letting go of the mind. Ask Michael Jordan or any other gifted athlete how they “mindlessly” achieve their incredible sport feats on the court or in the field.

Note: There is nothing more exciting than a group mindlessly sharing experiences and results! I call it a “shared state” — thoroughly worth exploring through CORE Resonance.

The mind can only catalog, teach and extend information it already knows. The world of intuition, insight and “gut-feeling” are not part of the mind and in fact, the mind interferes with intuition and insight by attempting to second-guess this far truer type of incoming data and insight, instead delivers resistance, caution, fear and doubt.

Because the brain is in constant overload, resistance, rigidity and slow uptake is the norm. In fact, the mind’s foundational concept is resistance to new incoming information to protect the overloaded brain! When is the last time you found yourself in overload or an emotional trauma or massive shock, unable to move on with your life and instead, settling into new routines based on an incomplete processing of the experience?

After all, most of us settle into “the best we can do,” and settle for less than stellar outcomes!

And because most spiritual practices are mind-based, we are severely limited in our access to spiritual solutions. In other words, the mind at best, can only take us so far, though we can learn to use the mind to best advantage.

The CORE Tech Trilogy™

The CORE Tech Trilogy™ is composed of three CORE technologies: mind-based (VisionariesLab), nervous system-based (CORE Resonance), and membership-based (508 Private Church Membership Organizations), each of which are designed to evolve, refine and protect our nature as human beings.

1) VisionariesLab is unique in that it starts with a more refined understanding of the outcomes we are attempting to accomplish. The 100-Day Prosperity Plan..and Connection to the Divine for example, begins with an advanced set of well-proven affirmations, converts them into Soaring Affirmations™ and otherwise uses, trains and teaches the mind to access its near limits to deliver newfound levels of synchronicity, harmony and order into our lives. In this “low earth orbit” of sorts, we come to access what I like to call Guidance Lite™.

VisionariesLab’s mind-based technologies catapult us past the earthly mind-based, polarity-based domains and into “low earth orbit” for which accessing the frequency of God becomes available as a non-linear synchronicity, harmony and order, and flow and abundance type of expression in our lives.

2) CORE Resonance is more similar to the “exploration of the moon and Mars” leaving the earthly domains far behind. CORE Resonance can deliver the results of a lifetime of meditation or intentional psychedelics usage (without the wear and tear) in a short period of time for which an accumulation of “non-mind sensing-based” experiences become our point of reference as we come to understand there is far more available than what the mind can access or deliver.

CORE Resonance is an advanced “nervous system sensing-based” technology designed to deliver and access advanced levels of Presence, Guidance and Order for which a limitless journey becomes available. Blending with Source/ partnering with Source is the true aim of CORE Resonance for which ascension may be found along this pathway.

3) 508 Communities are the legal housing or the fairing/ protection for the advanced human being operating in a world of generally massive dysfunction, polarity, dis-ease, dis-harmony, etc. Guided by the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, federal statutes and otherwise a fundamental understanding of American law, human beings regroup as 508 CMOs to discover our strengths and refine our very nature.

VisionariesLab is the introductory pathway to deliver one to the edge of what the mind can achieve. CORE Resonance can take us “all the way” by refining and quieting the human nervous system, turning us into a mechanism, vessel or host for which a complete blending with Source becomes possible and the mechanism of ascension slowly becomes discernable. 508 Communities are the housing and legal protection for our new consciousness, bodies and actions.

Clearly the mind is our first step on the ascension ladder and the first stage of the journey for which we become prepared for the more immersive experience of CORE Resonance at some future point. The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™ ..and Connection to the Divine, originally created in late 2004 and continuously revamped and refined, is the retraining of the mind for advancing our consciousness for the ascent and blending with Source, Innate Intelligence, God, the Frequency of God, Coherence, etc.

As we prepare to line up with what is true, we discover, among other things that in partnership with Source, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world and the world a far better place.

Partnership with Source is a good use of our time.

Note: The 100-Day program offers an Intro Sale Price of $497
or a Three-Part Payment Plan

I encourage you to sign up for The 100-Day Prosperity Plan™. The  $597 price has never gone up, offers a 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee and delivers an introduction to the possibilities of what enabling our natural state of connection with Source looks and feels like. Because the mind is readily accessible, because it is the tool we can most easily restructure and because we already carry it around with us, it behooves us to harness how and what we think because after all, the mind is a bit like an untrained fire hose.

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Reset your mind with Soaring Affirmations™. This will reset your world, and the world onto a new foundation and deliver access to Guidance Lite™ for which a whole new life’s journey begins. After all, resonating with coherence/ the Frequency of God is where we all want to end up!
Become part of the solution.

The 100-Day Prosperity Plan..and Connection to the Divine is a good use of your time.

Rev. James Hamilton

Note: The 100-Day Prosperity Plan includes a 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee! The Guarantee requires that you do the lessons and if after 45 days and you have completed 30 Daily
Lessons and you are not satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded!

Coaching, Consulting & Resets by J.Hamilton

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•  The evaluating and re-establishment of patterns and habits that produce new outcomes, and

•  Anti-aging Strategies, i.e., evaluating and upgrading unconsciously held patterns and habits to better serve our chosen trajectories! After all, some of us might want to live a very long time and pass when we choose. (Some may even want to see how all of this turns out 🙂

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